2014-01-28 10:21:45 Source: Sydney Original Website Celiaedit

SYDNEY (Australia Eastern Time) On January 1th, a man in a Victorian residence quarreled with a group of people. Unexpectedly, he injured a passerby and put his life at risk.

Police said that after the driver had a few quarrels with a group of people at Seymour’s home at around 1 am on Tuesday, the gang approached the driver with a metal rod and wooden stick.

The driver drove away immediately, while the group of people chased after him.

The driver suddenly turned around and was about to run into the gang, but unexpectedly injured a man in his 30s.

The police subsequently arrested the 30-year-old Seymour man, who is currently assisting the police investigation.

The injured man is still being treated at Alfred Hospital.

The police believed that the men in the gang knew each other and stated that the investigation was continuing.