The heat wave "burned" Australia! Chocolate blew on the ground for 2 minutes – Australian News – Sydney

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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        1688 Net, February 2st Abnormal, beautifulSeverely affected by the "polar vortex" (polar vortex), it has repeatedly set low temperature records, and Australia in the southern hemisphere is also too hotWeird, affected by heat wave, southeastA high temperature of 46 degrees Celsius was measured, which triggered a forest fire. In order to show the power of this super heat wave, some netizens placed a piece of chocolate outdoors. As a result, the chocolate could not resist the high temperature and immediately exploded.

        ▲The heat wave "burned" Australia, and the chocolate exploded in less than 3 minutes on the ground.

        Australia is affected by high temperature, plusDry, southeast includesProvince, South Australia and New South WalesWildfire warnings have been issued one after another. The 46-degree high temperature has caused a surge in electricity consumption by local residents. The Minister of Energy of Victoria stated that there may be 10Family andThe power supply crisis of the building.

        ▲The chocolate melts completely in about two and a half minutes.

        The "Polar Vortex" freezes the United States and Canada. When an egg is beaten outdoors, it will immediately be "frozen" into egg ice. The heat wave hit Australia. Some netizens in Melbourne put a chocolate ball outside at 42 degrees to test the heat. , See how fast it melts, the result is that the chocolate melts completely in less than 3 minutes. It melts on the asphalt road, and it bubbles like fried food. It’s amazing. Some people call it so hot that it can be fried anywhere.Now!

        (1688 Net)

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