Cosgrove is appointed as the new governor with an annual salary of 40. Marriott mansion plane for casual use – Australian News – Sydney

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        At 12:45 noon on Tuesday, Prime Minister Albert appointed the retired军军长科斯格罗夫(Peter Cosgrove)为澳洲的第26任总督。

        The current Governor Bryce (Quentin Bryce)'s term will end in March, and General Gusgrove has been regarded as the first candidate to succeed Bryce.

        Ms. Bryce was appointed by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2007 and was the first female governor in Australian history.

        The appointment of General Cosgrove as the next governor is undoubtedly a popular choice among conservatives. As we all know, he is the favorite soldier of former Prime Minister John Howard.

        科斯格罗夫将军的总督任期为5年,年薪40万元,有两套、一组车队、VIP专机,以及位于堪培拉的总督府Yarralumla可供使用。他和他的家人还可以享受全澳最爽的周末假期——位于雪梨港畔的Admiralty House也将任由他们处置。不过,在他宣誓就任总督之时,他也将被迫辞去快达董事和其他几个董事职务。

        The biography of the new Governor General Cosgrove

        Early years :

        – 科斯格罗夫将军与妻子Lynne育有已经成年的儿子,一家人居住在雪梨;

        – General Cosgrove was born and raised in Sydney and studied at Waverley College;

        Military career:

        – He graduated from the Royal Military College Duntroom, where he is considered one of the most hard-working students;

        – He served as an AustralianThe post of military commander, and later retired;

        – In 1971, he participated in the Vietnam War as the platoon leader of the Ninth Battalion and was awarded the Military Cross(Military Cross);

        -In 1999, Cosgrove, who was still a major general at the time, led the Australian army to carry out a peacekeeping operation in East Timor, and it achieved success and began to emerge;

        – He was promoted quickly during the Howard administration, first being promoted to lieutenant general and only two years later toArmy commander
After retiring from the military

        -In 2011, he was elected "Australian of the Year".In his award speech, he stated that he was accepting this honor on behalf of all Australians who had served in East Timor: “I’m justMany, and they did all the work. "

        – 2006年,在5级飓风Yasi给昆州偏远地区造成了严重Afterwards, the Queensland Government assigned him to lead the reconstruction team;

        – 2008年,飓风Larry摧毁了昆州,爲了飙涨他在重建工作中作出的巨大贡献,Townsville的一个郊区以他的名字命名;



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