Albert angrily blames ABC News: Why does the elbow keep turning out? – Australia News – Sydney

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        SYDNEY - On January 1, Australian Eastern Time, Australian Prime Minister Albert has reprimanded the national radio station ABC News, saying that it takes into account everyone's feelings, but does not care about Australia's "face". Albert said in his criticism of ABC that the media should play the role of the country's "cheerleader".

        As early as last year,总理就代表联盟党对ABC进行了批评。在美国国家安全局机密泄露事件以及澳大利亚监听印尼总统Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono事件发生后,艾伯特便责怪了ABC公司的负责人Mark Scott,称其“判断力非常、非常之差”。Scott先生于11月澄清,ABC决定公布“监听门”消息是因为认为知晓此事是s right.



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