2014-01-28 13:50:56 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney News January 1, Australian Eastern Time Recently, bats frequently appeared in the backyards of residential houses in southwestern Sydney. Relevant departments remind residents to beware of the fatal danger that this animal may bring.

Due to the limited sources of local food, more and more bats are turning to suburban backyards for food. The public health department of Sydney’s southwest has reminded residents not to touch these animals with their hands, because bats may carry Australian bat rabies virus.

This virus is similar to the rabies virus and is easily transmitted when bitten and scratched by bats. This virus is very powerful and may cause death if left untreated. "Australian bat rabies is rare in Australia. It is generally only spread through bites and scratches. People should assume that all bats andFlying foxAll are contagious, regardless of whether these animals appear to be sick or not. "Said Dr. Leena Gupta, director of the Department of Public Health.

(All kinds of flying foxes and bats may carry this virus)

Dr. Gupta also stated that those who have been bitten or scratched by bats or flying foxes should clean their wounds with soap and water as soon as possible, for at least five minutes. Then, apply antibacterial solution and go to the hospital for help.

If you encounter an injured or sick bat, please avoid all contact and directly call the wild animal rescue organization WIRES: 1300094737.