2014-01-29 11:45:06 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney – On January 1th, Australian Eastern Time, some boys sent to live in the homes of the Salvation Army were brutally sexually abused. They were forced to perform intensive manual labor and were subjected to cruel punishment. This includes being locked in a cage for several days and eating your own vomit.

Yesterday, the Royal Commission paid close attention to a series of child sexual assault cases that shocked the world that occurred in the homes of four Salvation Army boys from the late 50s to the late 70s. One of the Salvation Army's captains was considered "the most serious criminal." He allegedly sexually assaulted 4 boys, including sending these children to other adults’ homes for abuse.

(James Condon, Commissioner of the Salvation Army)

It is reported that a total of 157 allegations of child sexual abuse within the Salvation Army in NSW and Queensland have been received, of which 133 have ended with an apology and A$100,000 in compensation.

Simeon Beckett of the Lawyers Assistance Committee said that five Salvation Army officials, including Wilson who died in 5, will be subject to scrutiny. He said the physical abuse of the boys was shocking. It is reported that today's hearing is still going on.