Survey: Two-thirds of Australian employees want to change to a new job – Australian News – Sydney

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        A survey shows that nearly two-thirds of Australian employees are actively or passively looking for new jobs, even for many industries, new job opportunities are becoming fewer and fewer.

        according toAccording to Hudson's survey of more than 4600 employees, about 64% of Australian employees are actively or passively looking for new jobs.

        Most people looking for a new job获得更高的薪资,而其他人则是想寻找一个更有意思的职位和一个将可以令他们快乐的.



        At the same time, investigate近46%的雇主表示,他们比一工作时间更久。

        Hudson区总裁Mark Steyen称,较低水平的员工满意度是雇主面临的一个问题,“许多雇员工作时间更长更加努力,却感到他们目前的岗位更没有保障,并且在寻找新的机会”。

        "Enterprises may face a triple cost situation: the loss caused by alienated employees, the cost of employee turnover, and the loss of key talent."


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