Xie Guozhong said house prices fell by 2014% in 50. Expert: He was blinded by crying

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Posted on Monday, January 2014, 1 27:15

【Guide】Because I keep singing empty市场被人戏称为经济界“一号”的谢国忠近日表示,国内的泡沫正在破灭,2014年房价会50%.


        同期做客节目的新生经济研究院院长郭夏也认为,谢国忠的观点是“自证正确”,也就是说如果大家都去套现把房子卖了,房价肯定; So if everyone listens to him, his point of view is correct, and vice versa.

        对于2014年的房价走势,胡继晔说:“中国有句话,有人辛辛苦苦赶考场,有人挂冠归故乡。就是因为有人买有人卖,才有可能形成市场,所以大家都去抛售套现的情况不可能实现。2014年的房价,特别是北上广深这些的房价基本会保持稳The state of small fluctuations. "

Source: China Economic Net

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