2014 CCTV Year of the Horse Spring Festival Gala program officially released

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 29:13
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        2014 CCTV Year of the Horse Spring Festival Gala Official Program List

        1. Spring Festival Gala short film "What is the Spring Festival Gala"

        2. Opening song: "365 Days I Miss You" (Performers: Coco Lee, Sha Baoliang, Zhang Liangying, Lin Zhixuan)

        3. Song and Dance "Happy Song" (Performers: Wei Qingqing, Saqila, Ma Xiaoming, Corn Ti, Ciren Yangzong)

        4. The song "I won't reply to group text messages" (Performer: Hao Yun)


        6. Dance "A Thousand Horses Galloping" (Performers: Li Xing, Sun Ke, Zhu Han, Zeng Ming, Zhang Aoyue, Zhang Zhenxin, Li Jin, Li Geng, Wang Shuai)

        7. The song "Where has the time gone" (Performer: Wang Zhengliang)

        8. The song "My Requirements Are Not High" (Performer: Huang Bo)

        9. Skit "Whether to Help" (Performers: Shen Teng, Ma Li, Du Xiaoyu)

        10. The song "Beier Shuang" (Performer: Da Zhangwei (Weibo))


        12. Song "The Best Night" (Performers: Leung Ka Fai, Chen Kelly)

        13. Ventral language "Happy New Year in the Sky" (Performer: Liu Cheng)

        14. Song "Changing Lanterns and Colorful" (Performers: Wang Erni, A Bao)


        16. Song "Glory and Dream" (Performer: Zongzheng Song and Dance Troupe)

        17. Creative dance "Symbol China" (Performer: Hungarian Attraction Dance Company)

        18. The song "Life of Roses" (Performers: Sophie Marceau, Liu Huan)

        19. Cross talk "Say you what is good" (Performers: Cao Yunjin, Liu Yuntian)

        20. Dance "Little Horse Jubilation" (Performers: Kirin BABY, Yu Jieting, Lian Haochen, Air Force Lantian Children团等)

        21. Peking Opera "Thirteen Wonders of the Same Light" (Performers: Li Shengsu, Wang Yan, Chi Xiaoqiu, Zhang Jiachun, Li Bo, Wang Yue, Yuan Huiqin, Du Zhe, Yu Kuizhi, National Peking Opera Troupe)

        22. The sketch "I'm So Personal" (Performers: Feng Gong, Cao Suifeng, Jiang Shimeng)

        23. The song "Love Must Have" (Performers: Lee Min Ho, Yu Chengqing)


        25. Magic "Reunion Dinner" (Performer: YIF)

        26. The song "Answer" (Performers: Yang Kun (Weibo), Guo Caijie)

        27. Skit "Right to Man" (Performers: Guo Donglin, Niu Li, Shao Feng)

        28. Acrobatics "Dream Butterfly" (Performers: Zhang Wan, Li Tong)

        29. Song "Old Aunt" (Performer: Han Lei)

        30. Dance "Hundred Flowers Striving for Beauty" (Performers: Li Qian, Lin Chen)


        32. The song "My Chinese Dream" (Performer: Zhang Mingmin)

        33. Song "Nine-nine bends of the Yellow River in the world" (Performers: Farmer singer Wang Xiangrong, Du Pengpeng)

        34. The song "Set Horse Pole" (Performers: Wulan Tuya, Wu Rina)

        35. The song "Rolling Bead Curtain" (Performer: Huo Zun)

        36. Song "On the High Post" (Performer: Wang Xiaomin)


        38. Song "Kangding Love Song" (Performer: Xiao Yihang)

        39. Song "Dance of Youth" (Performer: Li Qi)



        42. Song "Unforgettable Tonight" (Performers: Li Guyi, Jiang Dawei, Cai Guoqing, Zhang Yan, Guan Mucun, Yang Hongji, Qubie Awu)

Source: Netease Entertainment


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