32 yuan retro "Bumblebee" sports car was arrested in Australia – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-28 15:28:23 Source: Sydney Original URL  Celiaedit

        Sydney News January 1, AEST 上月,一辆仅有的复古Melbourne was stolen while已经抓获这名胆大的thief.

        The 33-year-old Boronia man was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of stealing a Rennmax produced in 1970., Valued at 32.

        Australian Formula OneJack Brabham曾于1967年使用同款引擎比赛。To understanding,December 12-21期间这辆A factory in Rowville was stolen.

        From July 1st until July 8th.呼吁民众提供信息后的一天里,一名claimBelgrave South发现了这辆.

        The man was charged with theftAnd tow trucks, as well as crimes of selling stolen goods.

        He was released on bail and will be released on May 5Ringwood治安法庭提堂。


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