2014-01-28 13:44:52 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

SYDNEY: On January 1, Eastern Time, Australia, it was reported that a Chinese newlyweds were killed in a car accident in Queensland on Australia's National Day (28th). 26-year-old Calvin Zhou and 26-year-old Ms. Grace Cai were waiting for a traffic light when they were rear-end collision by a car. They died in a car accident. Currently, the 27-year-old driver has been charged by the police.

(The picture shows Mr. Zhou and Ms. Cai and his wife)

At about 1:26 in the morning of January 4th, Australian Eastern Time, Mr. Zhou and Ms. Cai were driving their small blue hatchback at the intersection of Ruthven Street and Alderley Street, waiting for the traffic light. The car hit the rear of the couple's hatchback, causing the hatchback to hit a tree. In the end, the violent impact caused both Mr. Zhou and Ms. Cai to die on the spot.

On Monday night, a 29-year-old man from East Toowoomba was charged with two counts of dangerous driving under the adverse effects of addictive substances and causing death. The man was also charged with excessive speeding. And driving without a license, he will appear in Toowoomba Magistrate's Court today (this Tuesday) for trial.

In addition, it is understood that Mr. Zhou and Ms. Cai have been living and working in Toowoomba since they got married in China last year.