2014-01-28 12:43:58 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney News, January 1, Australian Eastern Time, on March 28, 2012, in the Sydney CBD, an international student was hunted to death by the police. Four police officers suspected of violently hunting down the Brazilian student Roberto Laudisio Curti have been killed. Sued, but they pleaded not guilty in court today.

(The picture shows Curti on Pitt Street at the time)

In the early morning of March 2012, 3, Eastern Time, 18-year-old Curti died after being violently hunted down by 21 police officers on Pitt Street. The case revealed that at the time of the incident, Curti was in a trance state of psychedelic effects due to the ingestion of drugs. He broke into a convenience store topless and left after taking only two packs of biscuits. After receiving the news, the police officers rushed to the neighborhood, but unexpectedly found Curti wandering on Pitt Street. When the two police officers wanted to come forward and talk to him, Curti ran away again. A raid started, and more police officers joined the raid.

(The picture shows Curti wandering Pitt Street before being shocked)

The cause of death hearing in October heard that the police used a total of 10 taser electric shocks on Curti during the hunt, nine of which hit him, and seven police officers used three cans of spray and two on Curti. Handcuffs.

(The picture shows police officer Damien Ralph attending the court)

After investigation by the Police Integrity Commission, Senior Police Constable Eric Lim and Damien Ralph were charged with ordinary assault, and Senior Police Constable Scott Edmondson and Police Constable Daniel Barling were charged with assault causing bodily harm to others. But Bill Madden, the defense attorney for the four police officers, told the Downing Central Court today (Tuesday) that my client did not admit their charges. It is reported that the case will be heard again on March 3.