2014-01-29 13:20:28 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney – The case of a 1-year-old girl (student) who was brutally dragged into a toilet and raped at a train station in Sydney on January 29, Australian Eastern Time, has now made new progress. The police received new evidence from detectives. , Has withdrawn the accusation that the man raped a female student at Strathfield Railway Station, and the specific content of the new evidence is currently unknown. According to reports, the "victim" girl made a false statement to the police.

(The picture shows Mr. Ben Kooy outside the courtroom)

Last Wednesday, 34-year-old Ben Kooy was arrested by the police on suspicion of dragging a 17-year-old female student into a station toilet to rape. CCTV surveillance footage at the station showed that Kooy had a conversation with the girl on the platform of the station. The police later learned that the girl was going to school by train.

Soon after the incident, Mr. Kooy was arrested by a nearby police officer and charged with sexual intercourse without the consent of others. He was refused bail by the Burwood District Court the next day. However, since the new evidence was presented, the circumstances of the case have undergone "earth-shaking" changes. A police spokesperson said that Flemington detectives found new evidence last weekend.

"After further investigation, the new evidence was presented to the judge of Burwood Bail Court last Sunday, and the allegation of sexual intercourse without the consent of others has been withdrawn." A police spokesperson said.

At present, the specific content of the new evidence is unclear, and it may be that the victim girl made a false statement to the police. Mr. Kooy, wearing a blue shirt and suit pants, said outside the court that it was a "tribulation" and "test" for him, but he was now "more comfortable." "I have nothing to say, I'm glad it is finally over," he said.