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According to the latest report released by the Real Estate Industry Association of Australia (HIA), in 2013, the sales of new homes in Australia recorded the first increase since the 2008 global financial crisis.

HIA's new home sales report shows that in 2013, new home sales in Australia jumped 14.4%, which is the first increase in the data in five years. In the last quarter of 2013, new home sales in Australia soared to their highest level since mid-2011, when the housing market was mainly driven by government stimulus policies.

HIA economist Diwa Hopkins said: “The overall trend in 2013 shows that the Australian housing market has begun to recover steadily, and some potential details are also quite exciting. The most important thing now is whether this gratifying rise can be further expand."

The HIA new home sales report shows that in December 2013, the seasonally adjusted new home sales fell by 12%, mainly because the sales of multi-unit homes fell by 0.4%, and the sales of independent homes increased by 6.6% that month.

"The total sales of new homes in December 2013 remained largely unchanged. The overall trend shows that the housing market has recovered steadily in 12, and the details are quite encouraging." Hopkins pointed out that the decrease in sales in December was mainly due to the unexpected decline in multi-unit sales. Shen, the sales of this type of real estate recorded a strong increase in the previous month. "In terms of single-family houses, the gains in December expanded further, and monthly and quarterly sales in four of the five states surveyed showed an upward trend."

In the last quarter of 2013, the sales of single-family homes in South Australia soared by 50.9%, and sales in Queensland soared by 12.3%, while those in NSW and Western Australia were up 3.5% and 2.3%, respectively. However, the sales of single-family houses in Victoria fell sharply during the quarter 9.5%.

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