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Posted on Saturday, January 2014, 2 01:09

(The tradition of going home for Chinese New Year is changing and the number of people who do not go home increases)

 The article stated that the Spring Festival is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. During the Spring Festival, 2.45 million migrant workers in China leave the factory and the city where they work, and return to their hometowns and elderly parents. In many large cities, shops are locked, doors are pulled up, and streets are empty. The report pointed out that this confirms the important role that migrant workers play in the urban economy from one side.

At the same time, a small number of people do not plan to go home for the New Year, and this group is still expanding. Their decision to stay in the city for the Spring Festival reflects that with the advancement of urbanization, many migrant workers have been cut off from the countryside and the face of China's cities is also changing. According to official statistics, more than half of China's population lives in cities, and 1% of the population migrates to cities every year.

Anding Qi (transliteration), a 23-year-old man, is one of these 1%. He is looking forward to his first Spring Festival in Beijing. His hometown is Linfen, once suspected to be the most polluted city in China. The coal ash pollution in Shanxi's hometown is serious, and the old community is not very attractive to Andingqi. He said: "My hometown is so boring, it looks the same every year."

According to the report, An Dingqi is a waiter in a coffee shop. The migrant workers like him reflect another change: China's service industry is becoming more and more important. In 2013, the service industry accounted for the first time in the economy, surpassing industry, reaching 46%. Only 15 years ago, all shops, restaurants, and food markets would be closed for at least a week during the Spring Festival. Nowadays, the Spring Festival has become the busiest time of the year for many restaurants and attractions. They are closed for at most one or two days, or even a day. Chefs, waiters, and security guards have no choice but to stay in the city for the New Year.

Street cleaner Miao Weidong (transliteration) will celebrate the Year of the Horse in Beijing’s canteen with 50 workers, while his wife and 20-year-old son will spend the New Year in their hometown in rural Henan. He said: "We have fish and meat on New Year's Eve, and we will not feel alone at all."

Online retailer will not close during the 2014 Spring Festival. As an incentive, the company will give out-of-town employees with children a subsidy of 3000 yuan per child, so that they can bring their children to their side for the New Year instead of returning them themselves. Chinese New Year by your side.

The article pointed out that China has a strict household registration policy, which has caused most migrants to still not be able to fully enjoy the rights of urban residents, especially the right to purchase houses, and the right to allow their children to receive education in urban schools. Many people are faced with a dilemma. They don't know whether to let their children stay in their hometowns and be raised by elderly people in the countryside, or to bring them to themselves and receive education in a city with higher tuition.

Xiaodian advocates that Jiandong sell vegetables and sweets in a rented area for foreigners in Beijing. He has taken his 9-year-old son from his hometown in Anhui, and plans to let the child live in Beijing. Since his wife works in another city, the whole family thinks that the cost of going back home together this year for the New Year is too expensive.

The article stated that for those returning home, the Spring Festival is of course joyous, but like all family gatherings, it can also bring troubles. The journey was very uncomfortable. To avoid using the toilet on the overcrowded train, some returnees kept wearing adult diapers on the way. For many families, long-term grievances make the reunion unharmonious.

In addition, family friction also makes some people reluctant to go home at all. "You didn't answer the phone many times, maybe you can only see it here. Parents will never force you to get married again. Let's go home for the New Year!" This handwritten note recently appeared in a Chinese newspaper in Australia Front page. The signature is "Love Your Mom".

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