2014-01-29 10:04:25 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney News on January 1th, Australian Eastern Time It is said that David Jones will launch the next season's fashion show tonight in the Sydney CBD store. This time, Australia's three hottest supermodels Jessica Gomes (Chinese), Montana Cox and Cheyenne Tozzi Will appear on the fashion show.

(The picture shows Jessica Gomes, Montana Cox and Cheyenne Tozzi)

It is understood that the fashion show will be held on the seventh floor of the Elizabeth Street store tonight. "I have been looking forward to it for a long time, and every time I come back to China to support designers in Australia, I always feel very happy." Tozzi told The Daily Telegraph.

It is reported that the works of 35 designers, including Ellery, Camilla, Marc and Josh Goot, will appear in this fashion show, and the works of the famous designer Mr. Collette Dinnigan will be presented to the world for the last time. .

"David Jones has everything you want, they work so hard because they want to be the best." Tozzi said.