If you are caught speeding while driving in Victoria, if the speed at the time is not more than 10 kilometers above the speed limit, and you have not received a ticket or warning in the past 2 years; or your speed exceeds the speed limit by 10-14 kilometers, but in the past 3 years If you have not received a fine or warning in the year, you can write to request that the fine be changed to a warning (no deduction or fine).

In the letter, you should point out the following points:

-You have a valid driver's license (give driver's license information, number, expiration date, etc.)
-No traffic violations in the past 2 to 3 years

-Acknowledge that you are indeed speeding this time, and the speed is higher than the speed limit in kilometers

Remember, the letter must be sent before your ticket is due.

Mailing address:

Officer in Charge
Traffic Camera Office
GPO Box 1916
Melbourne 3001
You will then receive a letter telling you whether the request to change to a warning has been approved.

Contact Details

Civic Compliance Victoria
Phone: (03) 9200 8111