Melbourne Flower Gardening Show allows inspiration to bloom!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Time: March 3th-26th


在 金秋三月的最后五天里,伴随浓烈色彩与顶级创意的互相碰撞与激发,墨尔本国际花卉园展又将绽放无限热情!作为南半球一年一度规模最大的花卉和园展,这 可是澳洲人心目中不可错过的园盛会哦!预计超过100,000位来自世界各地的花卉爱好者将汇聚被列入世界遗产名录的皇家展览中心和卡顿公园,澳大 利亚顶级花卉与景观设计师的创意和激情!

墨墨君在此为你盘点2014墨尔本国际花卉园Show the dazzling highlights for five consecutive days, let's come and see it!


2013 Award Winning Displays

Best in Show

Cube2 (by Scott Wynd TLC Desn)

Cube2 (by Scott Wynd TLC Desn)


Landscape Award Winners (Landscape Award Winners)

Iaconic (byCycas Landscape Desn)

Connections (by Eckersley Garden Architecture)

The New Wave (by Ian Barker Gardens)


flower设计奖金牌作品 (Floral Desn Award)

Flower Victoria


Outdoor Feature Winners (Outdoor Feature Winners)


Shop Window Competition


Disney Fairies Children's Garden

小伙伴们可以在花园中发现迪斯尼仙子的神奇世界呦!这里有令人陶醉的童话花园,可以搜寻宝藏的In the world, there are a variety of colorful interactive entertainment activities for children waiting for you to participate!


免费花设计工坊 (Floral Desn Workshops)



Great Hall of Flowers, Melbourne Royal Exhibition Hall

皇家展览中心在花卉展的5天中将变身鲜花的海洋!维州最顶尖的花店和花设计师为你共同呈上最具活力的展览!在如此华丽的花卉.Buy the most beautiful flowers!


Colorful Entertainment (Entertainment)

In the five-day flower exhibition, various colorful entertainment activities suitable for the whole family to enjoy together will be staged in the Royal Exhibition Center and Caton Garden in turn!


Sculpture Exhibition

由维多利亚雕塑家协会主办的式园林雕塑展将在卡顿花园中央大道精彩呈现!部分展览作品Sales prices range from a few hundred to several thousand Australian dollars, but if you can afford it, you can ship it. . .




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