A Brisbane husband was "fine" 5000 yuan for refusing to let the Moto Party and his wife sleep, and was threatened with violence if he didn't pay.

Last year, dozens of ordinary residents of Queensland had to pay thousands of dollars to the gang to avoid beatings because they appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time. The aforementioned man is one of them.
The Queensland Police and the Federal Police carried out a raid called "Lima Corona" simultaneously across Brisbane yesterday, arresting 12 senior members and accomplices of the dark forces and charged them with 37 counts of extortion.
A senior member of this gang fled to Southeast Asia after the Newman government introduced strict anti-motorcycle laws last year. The police are expected to extradite him back to Australia soon.
It is reported that the husband who was targeted because his wife is too beautiful has not yet lodged a formal complaint, and there are still several people like him.
Motorists often use fists, guns and baseball bats when threatening others with violence. Acting Police Commissioner Brett Pointing praised the seven victims who came to report last month for their "courage."