Stars illuminate Victoria (Part XNUMX)

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

近期持续热播中的Running Man墨尔本大特辑让越来越多的小伙伴开始爱上了这座城!心中开始埋下越来越多关于墨尔本的小愿望!不断有小伙伴告诉墨墨君,一定要找机会来墨尔本,亲身体会这座多元文化之城的无穷魅力!

Mo Mojun tells you that long-legged runners are not the only stars who favor Melbourne! The beautiful Mocheng has always been a major destination for many first-line stars! Mo Mojun, let you see Melbourne in the eyes of TAs!


Li Na's indissoluble bond with Melbourne's blessed land

Needless to say, the indissoluble bond between tennis sister Li Na and Melbourne! As the most blessed place for Sister Na, Melbourne has always carried the light of victory that Sister Na shines ever more brilliantly!

The 2014 Australian Open burned the hearts of thousands of tennis fans, aspiring to the Australian Open women's singles crown, and becoming the new owner of the shiny silver Daphne Cup, Sister Na immediately went to Brighton Beach and walked with champagne!

值 得一提的是,布莱顿海滩色彩斑斓的海滩更衣可是远近驰名哦!这些美美的经常出现在澳大利亚的明信片上,本来供人们休息与储物的,却因着每一座 不同的靓丽色彩与图案成为了海滩上独一无二的风景!如果有机会前往,一定要记得与你最喜欢的那一座亲密合照哦!




The Victorian-style Flinders Street Railway Station next to it is Australia's earliest railway station and a common place for locals to meet on dates!

Opposite the square is Melbourne's famous Graffiti Alley! Here, at any time, you will meet with the most intense graffiti art treasures!

The Yarra Valley is one of Australia's most famous wine-producing regions, where you can enjoy a gluttonous meal, or take a hot air balloon with your TA to soar into the sky at sunrise!

In Australia, all beautiful sceneries are happier because of love!


In the eyes of Asia's sexiest male artist Chen Kun and intellectual national goddess Zhang Jingchu, Melbourne has a unique humanistic scenery and is a pleasant and quiet city!

在 澳洲拍摄的《澳洲情缘》慈善画册中,诗意气息无处不在,每一张照片的as if读出一段关于澳大利亚的故事!无论是青山绿树间的戴尔斯,幽静小镇中 的卡文特艺廊,湛空下的湖边别墅,还是充满气息的迷宫花园与薰衣草农庄,在澳洲阳光下,每个人都可以重拾一颗澄静之心!


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