Leaders touch fingertips warmth-[Women's Politics]

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!



[The woman next to Xi Jinping — Peng Liyuan]



A scene of a visit to another country with the president of the country, frozen waved and smiled after getting off the plane, so that people all over China remember this elegant mother of the country.


The Chinese remembered that she stayed in the fashion version of the beautiful clothes, but nevershe was了什么有意义的事儿!是我们的视角有了偏差,还是这个社会带给我们的影响。她是中国当代民族声乐 代表人;她是世界卫生组织亲善大使。多年的全球公益慈善历程,带给这位国母非同一般的视角价值。不仅担任多个社会职务,更专注于艾滋病防御及结核病防治领 域的公益使命,致力于改善弱势群体处境。大众眼中,她高调事,低调people,公益,关怀儿童。朴实,优雅,的形象造就了她独特的“中国式正能量”。


Is such a woman worthy of you to follow her thoughts and embark on the road of public welfare together...


[The Woman Behind Obama-Michel Lavaughn Obama]



一次重要的访华外交,把这位第一夫人从幕后推到了大众人前,用女性领袖的触角深入到教育领域。在北京大学的,让我们重新审视这位奥巴马身后的魅力女 性。她代表了她和丈夫;代表了整个精神;代表了国与国之间的相互交流。是一个强大并富有挑战性的国家,同样人也具有这种精神。两国,有着 相互留学的教育互动,通过学习彼此的语言,通过展现对彼此文化的好奇心和尊重,正在搭建理解的,These ones带来更多的丰硕成果。一个国家的领袖在国外访 问时,不只参观宫殿,议会和会晤国家元首,他们也来到学校,他们深刻的认识到国与国之间的关系不只是政府或领导人之间的关系,它们更关乎人民之间的教育桥 梁。


A person, nothing else leads you, but her spirit, thoughts...

As a woman, do you admire women in the political arena; do you think about being a female parliamentarian in a certain corner of your heart, fighting against men in a male-dominated political arena like Margaret Thatcher!

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