This era is not an era when men dominate. The era has changed racial discrimination and gender contempt. Now it is no longer the era of half women, and the division of gender between men and women tends to fade away! The charisma of the leader is no longer synonymous. The male is domineering and the female adds a touch of warmth!

[The woman next to Xi Jinping — Peng Liyuan]


A scene of a visit to another country with the president of the country, frozen waved and smiled after getting off the plane, so that people all over China remember this elegant mother of the country.

The Chinese remembered that she stayed in the fashion version of Meihua clothes, but never paid attention to what meaningful things she did! Is it because of the deviation of our perspective, or the influence of this society on us. She is the representative of contemporary Chinese national vocal music; she is the Goodwill Ambassador of the World Health Organization. Years of global public welfare and philanthropy has brought this nation's mother an extraordinary perspective value. Not only has held multiple social positions, but also focused on the public welfare mission in the field of AIDS defense and tuberculosis prevention and treatment, and is committed to improving the situation of vulnerable groups. In the eyes of the public, she is high-profile, low-key, enthusiastic about public welfare and caring for children. The simple, elegant, and confident image has created her unique "Chinese-style positive energy".

Is such a woman worthy of you to follow her thoughts and embark on the road of public welfare together...

[The Woman Behind Obama-Michel Lavaughn Obama]


An important diplomatic visit to China pushed the first lady from behind the scenes to the front of the public, using the tentacles of a female leader to penetrate into the field of education. In the speech at Peking University, let us re-examine the attractive woman behind Obama. She represents her and her husband; represents the entire American spirit; represents the exchanges between nations. The United States is a powerful and challenging country, and Americans also have this spirit. China and the United States have mutual educational interactions of studying abroad. By learning each other's language, by showing curiosity and respect for each other's culture, they are building bridges of understanding, and these bridges bring more fruitful results. When the leaders of a country visit abroad, they not only visit the palace, the parliament and meet the heads of state, they also come to the school. They deeply realize that the relationship between countries is not only the relationship between governments or leaders, they are more about An educational bridge between the people.

A person, nothing else leads you, but her spirit, thoughts...

As a woman, do you admire women in the political arena; do you think about being a female parliamentarian in a certain corner of your heart, fighting against men in a male-dominated political arena like Margaret Thatcher!