Asher: Melbourne Remote Control Tourist receives top industry accolade

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Remote Conol Tourist receives top indusy accolade

· Successful campan recognised at Awards
·     again positioned as a top to visit
· Victan ition Government promoting tourist visits to our

’s innovation and creativity has again been recognised and
awarded at the 35th Ausalasian Writers and Art Directors Association
(AWARD) Awards, with Remote Conol Tourist winning the Film and
Video and Dital categes and the prestious, Best in Show category.

Minister for Tourism and Major Louise Asher said that the Victan
ition Government was delhted that the latest stage of the Play
campan – Remote Conol Tourist, has received this award.

"Creativity and innovation is the cornerstone of this campan, and it has
not only resonated with our target audience, but has positioned
globally as an innovative, creative and cutting-edge "Ms Asher said.

The most prestious award show in the Asia Pacific region, the AWARD
Awards atacts approximately 2,000 enies and has a membership of the
finest creative minds from New Zealand to South East Asia and acr

Following the launch last October, the impact of Remote Conol Tourist
has exceeded initial expectations with over 180,000 unique visitors to the
campan website and from over 175 counies and 5,800 cities
spending on erage 6 minutes on the site explng .

Remote Conol Tourist was the latest component of Tourism Victa's
hhly successful Jsaw campan, the longest-running destination
meting campan in the world which received over 50 tourism awards.

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