Places to play in Dandenong Mountain

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Some things in Dandenong Mountain. . . 

有事没事,去山里走走,不到1个小时的车程,在天然氧吧里带上一天或几个小时,都是一种放松。小微为大家总结了一些山里的亮点,供大家出行时参考。(因为山里只有一条主路,下面地点的具体It’s best to Google before going,Ready)

1. 1000 Steps Kokoda Walk, Mt Dandenong
This project is at the entrance of Jinshan, so let's introduce it first. The 1000-story stone steps are surrounded by trees on both sides during the climb. Kokoda Track Memorial Walk is well protected. Many people come here to climb the mountain on weekends.At the foot of the mountain is a place for picnics and BBQ, a good place to relax and exercise on weekends.
:Mount  Dandenong Tourist Road, Upper Ferntree Gully

2. William Ricketts Sanctuary
William Ricketts Sanctuary is one of Mt Dandenong with more than 90 indigenous的公园~作者与土著一起生活多年,政府1962年择此处供他创作。它们与树石青苔溪流完美融为一 体,但是感觉带着深深的诡异和怨气让人脊骨发寒。。特别是在遮天蔽日的蕨树群里。  [email protected]There is a rabbit sauce
:Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Mount Dandenong

3. Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens
A unique garden in Dandenong Mountain, a natural oxygen bar, from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley, the waterfall Pinghu wooden bridge cabin, a pool of falling flowers, quiet and exquisite, a good place to steal a half-day leisure.
:Sherbrooke  Rd, Sherbrooke

4. Sky High
:26 Observatory Road , Mount Dandenong

5. National Rhododendron Park – National Rhododendron Garden
It is very close to Sky High. Although it is an azalea park, there are all kinds of flowers in it to ensure that you can go there anytime throughout the year, surrounded by green trees.It is also a good place to relax and picnic.
: The Georgian Rd OLINDA VIC 3788

6.Olinda and Sassafras
山 里两个有名的小镇,各种饰品店,杂货店,糖果店,手工艺品店,体会山民的别样风情。对,还有估计大家了的Miss  Marple’s Tea Room,在美丽的Dandenong山脚下。店里的装修很有古典英伦气息,它家最有名的就是Devonshire  Scones(英国松饼),也是英式茶点最经典的,Jam and cream, a sip of hot tea, very ecstasy.This shop does not accept reservations.
:382 Mount Dandenong  Tourist Road,Sassafras

7. Sherbrooke Falls
A walk of 2.4 kilometers round trip, surrounded by trees, starts from Sherbrooke Picnic Ground and walks to the waterfall after 1.2 kilometers.You can also feed the parrots at the start/end point.
:Sherbrooke Picnic Ground, Sherbrooke  Road

Let me introduce here first, the mountain is a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get rid of the pressure of work and study, gather with friends, and relax.If you still have fun, Xiao V will share it with you at the first time.Send @钱导小文Henry photos taken on Mount Dandenong day and night, really beautiful.

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