New smoking bans to protect children

·    Bans at playgrounds, skate parks and underage sporting events
·    Protecting children from the dangers of tobacco smoke
·    Victorian Coalition Government building a healthier Victoria

New laws banning smoking at outdoor public playgrounds, skate parks,
swimming pool complexes and sporting venues during underage sporting
events come into force on April 1.

Minister for Health David Davis said the new outdoor smoking bans will
protect children and young people from the dangers of second hand smoke
where they play.

“These new bans will create thousands of new smoke-free areas used by
children and young people across Victoria, protecting them from
tobacco-related harm,” Mr Davis said.

“From April 1, people will not be allowed to smoke within 10 metres of
outdoor children’s playground equipment, skate parks and sporting venues
during under-18s sporting events.

“These new laws also ban smoking at outdoor areas at all public swimming
pool complexes.

“The news laws will have a positive community education focus, however
where appropriate, an infringement of $144 may be issued to a person
smoking in a smoke-free area.”

Mr Davis said the new bans will provide children and young people with a
healthy, smoke-free environment, de-normalise smoking and limit exposure
to tobacco smoke.

“Children are more susceptible to second hand smoke and seeing people
smoke will increase their chances of becoming smokers as adults,” Mr Davis

Mr Davis said these bans build on the Victorian Coalition Government’s
firm action in order to protect the Victorian community from
tobacco-related harm.

“We invest millions each year to support quit smoking programs,
anti-smoking advertising, education and enforcement activities,” Mr Davis

“Smoking rates have fallen to a record low. Cancer Council Victoria
figures show only 13.3 per cent of Victorians are now regular smokers,
compared with 21.2 per cent in 1998.

“The continuing decline in smoking shows that the Coalition Government’s
investment in tobacco control is paying dividends in reducing the harm
caused by tobacco.

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