No one in politics can escape Deng's palm

In February this year, the American magazine "Vanity Fair" published an essay allegedly written by Deng, in which Deng described her fascination with Blair's body. She wrote that she "felt warmth" and "fascinated by him" with Blair. ", revealing her admiration for Blair without reservation. If Wendi Deng conquered Murdoch with his youthful vitality, then the former British politician Blair, who is known as a cautious and exemplary person, does not lack money, power, and beauty, but why he still failed to escape Wendi Deng’s palm?

As capable as Cherie

Speaking of Cherie, most people know her title as Blair's wife, but many people who know Cherie and Tony think that Cherie is far better than her prime minister's husband. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Cherie Booth passed the Litigation Attorney Examination with No. 10 in the country, became a royal legal adviser, successfully entered the core system of British law, and won the highest honor of "Queen's Counsel". In the 20 years since Blair became prime minister, she insisted on using her maiden name "Cherry Booth" to practice her own legal profession. The most incredible thing is that the "first lady" also took over a lawsuit, on behalf of the mercenaries in Nepal, demanded up to XNUMX billion pounds in compensation from their husband's government. She became the first "first lady" in British history who chose not to accompany her husband in the campaign because she was busy with her career. The media and cabinet officials argued that most of Blair's ideas were learned and sold from his wife, and Buta dominated the policy making.

On this point, Wendi Deng and Cherie have too many similarities. She holds an MBA degree from Yale University. After marrying Murdoch, she was not reconciled to the status of a housewife, but began to take care of her career. . In order to get more, she adjusted her life to "combat mode": while starting a film production company, she co-founded an art website. She is like a "lunatic", advancing her personal career in a nearly radical way.

Chinese sexy

Perhaps Blair just likes this kind of ambitious and motivated woman. But from a woman's point of view, Wendi Deng seems to be more amorous than Cherie. Wendi Deng once described this in his diary: "For whatever reason, I miss Tony very, very much. He is so charming and his clothes are so good. He has such a beautiful figure, very beautiful legs...He is tall and thin, His skin is good. His blue eyes that can see through people’s hearts are my favorite. I love his eyes and the power he shows on stage..." A woman over 40 said in words that look like a girl’s original intention Describe the lover in her heart, how can this heat not shake Blair's heart.

In appearance, in the eyes of many foreigners, Wendi Deng is indeed one of the sexy representatives of Oriental women. On the one hand, the aesthetics of Westerners towards Eastern women is quite different from the aesthetics of Easterners themselves. In the eyes of foreigners, big eyes, high nose, and fair skin are not the characteristics of Chinese people. Hollywood has such beauties! Therefore, Deng Wendi’s small eyes, collapsed nose bridge, and high cheekbones are simply amazing to Westerners! The reason why Wendi Deng can be accepted by the West is not because she is a Chinese beauty, but because she meets the standard of Eastern beauty in Western imagination. On the other hand, in the Western world, "aggressive" can be replaced with another word "ambitious", which can be translated as aggressive personality. This characteristic is a positive word in school, society, and workplace, and it will not become an obstacle to love and mate selection. Therefore, Wendi Deng's accurate goals and preemptive character are also quite popular.

Enjoy the feeling of being the focus

In addition, both of them are extremely keen to expand their relationship circle and expand their influence. After the leaders of various countries step down, they often choose a development path: teaching universities; working in non-profit organizations; working in enterprises. Blair's choice encompasses all options. In May 2008, Blair initiated the establishment of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation; later he founded the Tony Blair African Governance Promotion Association and the Sports Foundation two charitable organizations; he also established his own company, in January 5, Blair serves as a consultant for the Zurich Financial Services Group in Switzerland; in February 2008, Blair founded the consulting company "Tony Blair Association", which mainly "provides business consulting, political system reform" and other consulting services. To maximize the value of the network is Blair's outstanding point. Blair said, "My motto is: No rest, no retirement. I like this kind of life."

Like Blair, after marrying Murdoch, Wendi Deng did not idle. In Wendi Deng’s social circle intimate list, there are both established politicians, upstarts in Silicon Valley, and real estate tycoons. She hosted a charity party for art auctions, hosted a cocktail party for foodie’s new books at home, and hosted Zuckerberg on her farm...

In addition, many of Blair's friends also confirmed to the "Guardian" that "he likes to be surrounded by a group of women." At this point, Wendi Deng and Blair are really alike, and they both enjoy the feeling of being the focus under everyone's eyes.

"Weak position" coincides

When the scandal between her husband and Wendi Deng reached Cherie's ears, Cherie said categorically: "Blair will never take this risk. Because he knows that if he does, I will castrate him!" It is not difficult to see in the words. In the long-term relationship between husband and wife, Blair seems to be in a weak position; and in the relationship between Wendi Deng and Murdoch, although Wendi Deng is in the media, in fact, no matter whether it is power or money, nothing is the same. Owned by her independently, the weak position of the two in the family relationship may make them cherish each other.

Analyzed from the perspective of marriage, the spouse in marriage is your sub-personality, and the other half is suppressed. Intimacy is for the further growth of those suppressed sub-personality. Blair needs to find a comfort, a familiar feeling, and a suppressed self. Blair, who is over sixty years old, will undoubtedly find a feeling of worship in the 15-year-old Wendi Deng.

Deng's identity let him relax

Many people believe that Blair’s eagerness to invest in charity and business is to make money. It is reported that he has a flat income during the prime minister’s tenure, with an annual salary of around 20 pounds, and he has 4 children waiting to be fed, so that he has already left office. It is the embarrassment of debt. So over the years, he has continued to extend his reach. Of course, he still speaks all over the world, earning a lot of lecture fees. According to public information, as a JP Morgan Chase consultant, his annual salary is 200 million pounds; as a Zurich Financial Services Group consultant, his annual salary is also 200 million pounds. Since stepping down as Prime Minister in 2007, Blair may have accumulated more than 5000 million pounds (about 5 million yuan) in wealth. To be sure, he is not short of money. When Wendi Deng, who had a lot of status, approached him, Blair's vigilance also relaxed, leaving a lot of room for imagination for the relationship between the two.