Australia is known for its innovative spirit. Australian inventors have had a huge impact on the development of the world. From refrigerators to solar hot water, from penicillin to notebooks and black boxes, Australian inventions have promoted the progress of the world.

1. refrigerator

Source: ABC Open, Kim Piddington

You may not be able to imagine what would happen if there was no refrigerator at home? How will you preserve food, milk and fresh meat? In 1856, Australian James Harrison used a vapor compression system to create the world's first practical ice machine. However, the refrigerator he first invented at that time was not what it looks like today.

2. Eight-hour working day

Source: ABC International, Erwin Renaldi

Also in 1856, Melbourne's masons fought for the "eight-hour day", that is, eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight hours of entertainment. Australian James Galloway (James Galloway) finally introduced this concept to success. On April 1856, 4, the masons at the University of Melbourne stopped their work and led other masons to join them and march towards the Houses of Parliament. A few weeks later, the eight-hour working day was determined.

3. Medical applications of penicillin

Source: ABC News

In 1939, Adelaide scientist Howard Florey (Howard Florey) invented penicillin, which was the world's first antibacterial agent. Since World War II, it has been mass-produced and widely used to treat patients. Today, penicillin has saved millions of patients, especially in preventing infections.

4. "Black box" flight recorder decoder

Source: ABC licensed, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Although you may not have seen this Australian invention, it has saved many lives. It was the "black box" flight recorder invented by David Warren in 1958. The "black box" can record all flight instrument details and the voice of the pilot. When accidents happen in the air, investigators can find out what happened at that time and how to avoid these unfortunate incidents in the future, all thanks to the invention of the "black box".

5. Bionic ear or cochlear implant

Source: ABC News

For Rod Saunders (Rod Saunders), 1979 was his happiest moment. That year, with the help of a cochlear implant invented by Professor Graeme Clark at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, he was deaf and heard. The bionic ear may be one of Australia's biggest inventions, changing the fate of patients with hearing problems in the world.

6. Wireless network technology

Source: ABC licensed, Mario Tama – Getty Images

Maybe you will ask if there is a wireless network connection everywhere you go? Without it, you may not survive. In the 1990s, Australian radio astronomer John O'Sullivan accidentally discovered potential wireless network technology while studying black holes.

7. Google Maps

Source: ABC News

No one will get lost! In 2003, the Australian Danes Lars and Jens Rasmussen invented a map program at their technology company in Sydney. A year later, their company was acquired by Google, and Google developed this program into a web application map that we use almost every day.