On April 4, China's Internet has crossed over 21 years. Over the past 20 years, the Internet has developed in full swing, gathering an infinite amount of information, greatly changing people's lifestyles and behaviors, and bringing about social changes, but also constantly emerging new business opportunities. Relying on the Internet platform, China's large and small enterprises have matured in the face of various challenges and opportunities.

It is worth noting that, according to China's latest official data, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 5.91 million, of which 4.64 million Internet users use smartphones or other wireless devices to access the Internet. This just shows that the mobile Internet has become a giant of the Internet. Enterprises need to develop, they must occupy the mobile Internet cake.

In the past few years when the mobile Internet has developed rapidly and the rise of smart phones, Apple’s App Store has dominated. Millions of enterprise apps in China rely on Apple's public platform for resource promotion. However, as the industry leader, Apple continues to provoke more and more domestic companies. Many companies said that their apps have suffered the fate of being removed from the shelves inexplicably by Apple. Behind the inexplicable ban, is it because domestic companies violated Apple's rules, or Apple, as the overlord, is too arrogant? In fact, many media have accused Apple of bad attitude and "different between China and foreign countries."

Started with Apple's "Pride Door"

As early as 2013, the CCTV 315 party exposed Apple's consumption shady and questioned Apple's so-called after-sales service, saying that Apple's many after-sales services in China are obviously inferior to overseas. Subsequently, many media successively questioned Apple, accusing it of "double standards at home and abroad" and a bad attitude and arrogance. The turbulent Apple "Pride Door" was pushed to the cusp of the storm.

In response to this incident, Apple only made a simple statement and communication. But the media bombardment, the disappointment and dissatisfaction of consumers have not been changed.

Auntie "leaves the door" to reproduce Apple's "arrogance and prejudice"

Recently, the Aunt You Tan App was removed from the Apple App Store, which has caused heated discussions in the industry. Why does the Apple App Store frequently take surprise attacks without first communicating? This makes many domestic enterprises very dissatisfied. For Apple, which has had a history of history, this incident is undoubtedly destroying its brand image and reputation.

Aunt You Tan was removed from the Apple App Store twice in the past three months. According to a survey report by a senior reporter from "China Business News", the aunt has always followed industry rules and kept improving in providing services, but her peers used abnormal means to maliciously compete. Aunt You Tan is also actively looking for a solution after being accidentally blocked by Apple. But for all this, Apple has no explanation.

In fact, in recent years, domestic companies such as 360, Baidu, Tencent, Kingsoft, and PPTV have frequently encountered "off the shelf", but Apple has always maintained a superior posture. As a large-scale foreign platform, Apple has not given enough respect to Chinese cooperative enterprises and Chinese consumers, and it has not paid much attention to the huge market of China. This kind of arrogance and the prejudice of "double standards between China and foreign countries" will only make Apple has suffered more criticism and criticism.

App Store review questioned

Apple’s overbearing and arrogant “drops” not only have a huge impact on Internet companies, but more importantly, it hurts the experience of users. This has directly led to an invisible barrier between Apple and China, which is not conducive to the cooperation between the two.

Undoubtedly, with the rapid development of the Internet and increasingly fierce market competition, Apple has always occupied most of the mobile application market. This may be the reason for Apple's arrogance. The Aunt You Tan App and previous large and small enterprises were taken down inexplicably, and Internet companies had to question Apple's review system.

For Apple, the Chinese market is huge, valuable and influential. However, under the Chinese market model, foreign platforms like Apple do not accept any supervision, and only Apple knows the clues of its audit system. However, after hurting Chinese partners and Chinese consumers many times, if Apple still maintains this attitude of "overcoming the cold", I believe Chinese consumers will not pay for such arrogance.