Such days are gone forever:

  • Nobody left and right without a car, quietly dialed a call with a mobile phone;
  • Too lazy to do an action, drive without a seat belt;
  • Rushing out to have breakfast in the car

If you think that you are in the car invisible to others, it is already in the past tense. The Victoria Police will be equipped with a high-speed and long-lens road speed safety system today, which can take pictures of passengers in a driving vehicle 700 meters away.

Therefore, you may not have seen the police, but the police's camera has captured you. You will be more likely to be caught by the police if you use your mobile phone, send WeChat, not wear a seat belt, or even eat while driving.

The Victoria Police is the first to be equipped with this new system in the country and will be put into use immediately in the upcoming long weekend travel season.

For your good, family, and everyone, drive carefully and safely, and pass this information to your friends.