Writing/Sun Dan

"A lot of people say that the second season has a lot of humanistic feelings."

"There is no humanity."

"No humanities?"

"There is really no humanities. I understand it wrong. We are not worthy to talk about humanities. We are exactly the same as those who harvest wheat and those who work. Why do we say that we should show humane care to others? It is shameful to say that. We are friends, it is the same. of."

In a three-bedroom and one living room on the West Third Ring Road in Beijing, there are a TV and several computers on a long table in the middle of the living room. On both sides are lockers. A large whiteboard is marked with the degree of completion of each episode. With a map of China’s vegetation distribution, here is "A Bite of China2"'S studio.

In one of the rooms with more than ten square meters, there are two common bunk beds on campus, a table and a chair. Chief Director Chen Xiaoqing sat by the window and chatted with the House of Cards.2The shooting story.

"At the most in this room, there will be three people, the director, the assistant and the photographer. During the previous meeting, all groups of people will come, and at the most, there will be XNUMX people and they can't sit down."

Compared to the previous season, for many people who originally carried a small bench and prepared snacks waiting for the tip of their tongues2For his little friend, he unexpectedly held back the saliva and could not hold back the tears, and his feelings were slowly pouring out in the circulation of food. Therefore, some viewers said that the second season is a collection of humanities and folklore.

"If we say that we give people human care, this is too ridiculous, (everyone) are two bitter gourds on a vine, a pair of bitter babies in a sea of ​​bitterness, how can it mean that we care about others? It."

Meticulous work

"Li Yong, the director of the first episode of "Footsteps," separated from his wife during filming. He would write a commentary saying,'The troubled journey will be interesting because of the Sichuan women.' He will express his inner feelings through these things. He pays special attention to the flirtatious relationship between husband and wife, because this is what he lacks. (in the film) The child who makes fish sauce wants his parents to be around. Li Yong’s child is in Chongqing, and he runs in Beijing and everywhere. I won’t see each year. In fact (they) are the same."

Chen Xiaoqing disagrees with the humanistic argument.

The audience is on the tip of the tongue2I feel the exquisite pictures, the atmospheric commentary, and the beautiful soundtrack, but it is hard to imagine the hardship of shooting behind.

2013Years1Month12Japan officially announced the start,2The month crew was established until this year4Month18For the first broadcast on the day, each link has a time limit, and each story and character needs to be selected by the diversity director. This is not a process of traveling to various places, and there may even be a lot of distress and trouble.

Li Yong told the Card House that the protagonist who collected wild honey in Linzhi was the one he had actually searched for the longest, and it took several months to determine it. In the plateau area, it is difficult to find a suitable person in the vast crowd. "I was suffering every day."

Originally, Li Yong was looking for a married man in his twenties, because at first he only planned to show a two-minute story. "Teacher Chen Xiaoqing will continue to raise his requirements. He said it would be fine to find a similar one in Linzhi. I posted the photo and story of the person I was looking for, thinking I could take a break. The owner of the local hotel talked to me It's very good. I want to take me to Ranwu Lake. I want to relax."

I stepped into the car to Ranwu Lake with the mood to rest for a while. Unexpectedly, Li Yong received a call from Chen Xiaoqing on the road, "Mr. Chen said, this person is no good, his eyes are muddy, and he has surrendered to the world. Now, I hope you find a young man who is still curious about the world and who has light in his eyes."

At this time, the car also arrived at Ranwu Lake. It took two or three hours, but Li Yong only stayed by the lake for ten minutes before returning.

"Everything must start from scratch." The village chief used a motorcycle to carry Li Yong from house to house, and finally found Baima Zhandui, which is the first episode. The eyes that everyone saw were clear and a little shy. The mandarin boy Baima Zhandui.

In the preliminary research, finding and selecting story characters is a process that every diversity director has been troubled by.

Before starting the investigation, Chen Xiaoqing not only listed a book list about food for each director who was concentrated in Beijing, but also invited a strong advisory group to give lectures. He also talked with the director about the history, knowledge and philosophy of food. , Will take time to take them down the streets to eat food.

"I will take them to eat some food with a purpose, and I will share my experience of appreciating the food with everyone. Maybe they thought it was delicious when they ate it before, but they never thought about it. I will tell you why this food is It's delicious, where is the key point."

Chen Xiaoqing told the House of Cards that in order to make documentary filming more professional, from history to reality, from anthropology to biology, there are a lot of necessary knowledge points and intensive training. "There is a map of Chinese vegetation in the living room. Actually, there are many other maps, such as precipitation maps, etc., which can help us understand the quietness of a place. For example, when you go to Hulunbuir, you need to know the local air humidity, annual average temperature, and frost-free period. It has a lot to do with making shows."

In addition to the training, before the departure, Chen Xiaoqing also put forward a small request to the directors, not to ride in the car provided by the department, the media or friends, but to take the local public transportation.

Li Yong said, “That will make you in a closed space, unable to feel the local environment, atmosphere, customs and customs, and will be isolated from the local area. Therefore, Teacher Chen asked us to use all our organs to feel the local people, Environment and customs. From hearing, sight to smell, try to experience the atmosphere at the time, including the local language. Although you may not understand, you must try to feel their tone and expression. Taking public transportation is more grounded and more grounded. Knowing what kind of space the person you are looking for may be in order to find a similar feeling."

The final story may only be a few minutes, but those short minutes are condensed from countless shots and dozens of hours of film. Just like a cup of mellow wine, it needs to go through arduous and long brewing in order to retain its fragrance and endless aftertaste.


After the first episode was broadcast, Linzhi’s scene of Baima Zhandui climbing a tree was pointed out by many people as plagiarism.with the BBC"Human Planet" screen.

The director of the first episode, Li Yong, did not shy away from this. He said that there are two ways to collect honey in Tibet. One is rock climbing. It is too difficult to shoot on a cliff tens of meters high, and he does not have any wildness. Shooting experience, I don’t know how to perform better. So I chose the second method (gathering honey), which is to go up the tree.

He said, “This local custom exists, and it’s because I watched "Human Planet" a lot before, especially in that section. I definitely want to use other people’s methods to express it. This way of living, The means of obtaining ingredients must be learning and imitating. I don’t think there is any need to avoid taboos. But I think that when we show the same living conditions, people already have a good way, whether it’s tribute or imitating. Good, this is understandable."

However, Chen Xiaoqing's understanding of this is different from Li Yong's, "I think it is to blame."

"Everyone can think of plagiarism, plagiarism, it's okay, because in documentary creation, even in film creation, this kind of situation is very common."

Chen Xiaoqing said, “Learning made us have a clearer understanding of documentaries: where is our gap. We are verylowYes, not so advanced. After Jacques Behan finished filming "Migrating Birds", many people also pointed out which part of it was plagiarism, and also took screenshots. I think (this situation) definitely exists, and disputes are also allowed. If we are really as high as the overall level of world documentary development, then this may be no doubt about it, but I don’t think our current documentary level is very high. You may also see other borrowed elements in other episodes, including scene scheduling and camera settings. "

At the same time, he also said that the excellent foreign documentary "big country", especially likeDiscovery, It took many years of running-in with the audience to find a suitable model. It's like Hollywood's position in the film industry. When shooting a scene or subject, the meaning is roughly the same. Many directors will use similar lenses, etc., and add some of their own presentation methods.

"For me, the more important thing is that I want to ask you if this incident is true after the filming. I believe my director. If someone has never climbed a tree to gather honey, you let someone climb a tree. It's definitely not possible. As for the means of expression, for me, I don't particularly care or mind."

Truth is the most important message Chen Xiaoqing hopes the diversity directors will deliver. To be authentic, you must not only experience the local life together, but also make friends with the locals and truly understand them.

Li Yong told the House of Cards, "Ms. Chen made it very clear not to use the subject (this term). They are not tools, but our protagonists. We must be friends with them and respect them. We are all the same, but the division of labor is not The same. You can’t use your utilitarian heart, you just went to them for the purpose of shooting. So we all became friends later. Now we will also contact. Once, after a long time of shooting, Mike called me and asked me that five or six cows in our family were sick. What to do. The beekeeper Lao Tan will also ask me if the royal jelly is down."

Director Chen Lei of the second episode of "The Heart of the Heart" told House of Cards that the group was mainly shot by four people outside. In order not to interfere with each other's life, the number of people should be kept as small as possible. The team also worked with him for a long time in photography and recording. "This can ensure that the most natural state can be captured when shooting. First of all, we must feel their lives more and experience them in order to record their lives."

Don't like "pretended" food

"In terms of characters, I want to be ordinary people, ordinary people, and the food is as much as possible in our daily life, and is around us. Even if it is not very common, it is also in the mountains and villages to the locals. It is said that it is a common thing in life. It may be obtained through hard work, but it is not expensive. Director Chen Xiaoqing does not like special "preparation", "eating air conditioning, eating carpet, eating turntable table" dishes."

Chen Lei and House of Cards said that Chen Xiaoqing will establish an overall value for the diversity directors at the beginning. Maybe everyone sees different expressions in each episode, but the general framework is still the same, telling stories in a unified narrative style.

"However, each director's personality, cultivation and experience are different, and his shooting style is also different. Teacher Chen also encourages directors to reflect some of their own personalities in the film." Chen Lei said.

But the irreversible requirement for food choices is that the food produced from life is not packaged.

When it comes to eating, Chen Xiaoqing is a veritable "foodie". He told House of Cards, "I am a very picky person about food. But I can also eat instant noodles for three days without a problem. However, when I have time and conditions to eat, I will definitely eat very carefully."

Sometimes when working overtime, Chen Xiaoqing occasionally cooks some dishes for the crew.

Li Yong said, "Sometimes (Ms. Chen) will cook for us, and it is delicious. In the episode of "Home Cooking", there will be braised pork. He also cooked braised pork for us and showed us another version of braised pork. Kind of burning method."

"I don’t know how to cook. I’ve never been a foodie, I’m a food lover. They (the crew) think it’s good, but it’s just like playing football. If you have seen a professional football player, you won’t say that you can play football. "In this regard, Chen Xiaoqing said.

Making TV, especially documentaries, Chen Xiaoqing spends a lot of time throughout the country during the year, wherever he goes, eating and drinking is a joyous thing. Chen Xiaoqing said, "The money for eating McDonald's in Beijing can be eaten and drunk in XNUMX% to XNUMX% of the country."

A few days ago, Zhang Lixian, the editor-in-chief of Chen Xiaoqing's friend "Reading Library", wrote an article "Chen Xiaoqing on the Tip of the Tongue", ridiculing Chen Xiaoqing's popularity and popularity, as well as her dark skin and the true color of food. When reposted on Weibo, Chen Xiaoqing wrote, "This article is purely fictitious. If there are similarities, it is true love."

"Oh, I can't believe that (the content of the article). But there are things about recommending places to eat and menus. I am also the boss of Sanlian. He has his own codebook, such as the number of Dongdan North Street and what dishes to order. What is the best position to sit in? I remember each item in detail." Chen Xiaoqing said with a smile.

I hope I can rest for a while

Since the first season, "The most expensive ingredients are not the best", "Love food, love life", and "The highest state of food is people", Chen Xiaoqing has always passed on to everyone. What he wants to show is not just food, but the relationship between man and food, man and nature, and man and society, which are the life flavors of ordinary Chinese.

The idea that came into being at first dates back to ten years ago.

2002In XNUMX, Chen Xiaoqing directed a seven-episode series "Taste of China", using the studio plus short films plusFlashShow the Chinese food culture in a way that this show used to2003It was broadcast on CCTV during the Spring Festival. However, it is Chen Xiaoqing who is more interested in people-centered photography like "China on the Bite of the Tongue".

But it was not until the establishment of the CCTV documentary channel that "China on the Bite of the Tongue" was able to land and sprout. This was also the first topic that Chen Xiaoqing independently declared after the establishment of the channel.

Chen Lei told the House of Cards that Chen Xiaoqing respected and encouraged young people, except for the tip of the tongue2In addition to work, Chen Xiaoqing has to work on the CCTV documentary channel during the day, come to the crew for a meal at noon, return to the channel in the afternoon, and come back at night.

"Although Mr. Chen has very strict requirements and a lot of times to revise the film, I, including other directors, can accept his revisions. He is very good in business, and his judgment is very accurate and keen. What he pointed out Makes you very convinced. He is also very charismatic, and everyone is more convinced of him."

Chen Xiaoqing once became the youngest senior editor of CCTV and one of the few directors in the Chinese documentary industry who has won many international awards. His previous documentaries reflecting the life of a small nanny working in Beijing, "Home in Beijing", "Dragon's Back" reflecting the Hope Project, and China's first natural commercial documentary "Song of the Forest" were all popular; he The director's "Witness: Video History" has always been a brand column of CCTV.

1989Chen Xiaoqing, who graduated from Beijing Broadcasting College with a degree in photography, was assigned to work in CCTV. According to Chen Xiaoqing’s memories, “As long as you are a documentary, everyone thinks, oh, we cook home cooking, you are sea cucumber and abalone. It will always be like this."

"Although he is already a major player in the industry, he is very kind and has no barriers to get along with us. He has a good grasp of stories, characters, rhythm, sensitivity and height, and profound knowledge. The success of the tongue is very powerful. Years of accumulation and quality are inseparable."

Li Yong told House of Cards that2008At the end of the Wenchuan earthquake at the end of the year, Chen Xiaoqing and Chen Xiaoqing collaborated on filming "The Living" for the first time, reflecting the earthquake and post-disaster reconstruction, recording people's post-disaster state and mood, and slowly walking out of the disaster. Li Yong learned a lot at that time, and since then he also collaborated on a historical film.2012After Li Yong made a film for CCTV Documentary Channel, he began to have more cooperation. But the tip of the tongue2It's the first time to discuss, communicate and learn together for such a long time.

"The feeling I gave me back then was that I was not angry and mighty. Sitting there was very powerful. After I got in touch, I discovered that he was actually more like a'paper tiger'. Sometimes he would act like a baby to us. He was a particularly cute People."

The Shanghai director Chen Lei also said that before, he had met Chen Xiaoqing several times at a gathering of Shanghai documentary friends. At that time, it was at a dinner occasion. Chen Xiaoqing didn't say much and was more reserved. In the past, I only knew that Chen Xiaoqing was very good, but the impression was rather vague and I didn't know very well.

"To the tip of your tongue2After contacting the group, he found that he is a very kind and humorous person. "

Chen Lei said that Chen Xiaoqing is a very good person and has a good management art. There are different methods for different people. The way of communicating with you will not hurt you. He is very careful.

"Because my wife is the director of "Family", we occasionally have some quarrels when we are working together. At this time, Mr. Chen will come to act as the'sister of the neighborhood committee'; sometimes, he is very'bad'. Seeing that we are calm, Just come and be funny."

Since becoming the general director of the tip of the tongue, the changes brought about are not only wider visibility, but also increasing work intensity. Chen Xiaoqing said, "The changes brought about by "China on the Bite of the Tongue" are too busy, too busy to live."

"Tip of tongue3Already in the process of preparation, I hope to prepare slowly so that I can rest for a while. "