The latest approval data for 500 million immigration applications:

As ofOn February 2014, 2, the latest global data released by the Australian Immigration Service was :

§ 1118 applications for letter of intent received

§ 875 invitation letters for visa applications were issued

§ 702 formal visa applications received (92% from China)

§ 144 visas were issued (87% from China)

§ 21 applications were rejected (the applicant cannot explain or refuse to provide proof of source of funds or provide false documents)

§ 51 applications were withdrawn

§ More than 7.2 million Australian dollars has been invested in Australia

Hong Kong visa office is upThe application data processed on March 3 is:

§ 724 formal visa applications received

§ 225 applications have been approved (31%-including approved, withdrawn and rejected applications)

– 148 applications approved (20%)

– 22 applications were rejected (3%)

– 55 applications were withdrawn (8%)

§ 357 copies have been allocated to the visa officer and are being processed (49%)

– 86 applications have received investment invitation letters (12%)

– 122 applications were invited for medical examination (17%)

– 149 applications are pending (20%)

§ 56 applications have been submitted but no supporting documents are provided (8%)

§ 86 applications have just been submitted and are waiting to be allocated to the visa officer for review (12%)

Summarizing the number of approved applications and investment invitation functions issued, the success rate of the Hong Kong Visa Office is 75%.

Processing time:

§ The average time from submitting the application to obtaining the investment invitation letter is 6 months

§ The average time from submitting an application to obtaining a visa is 8 months

The Hong Kong Visa Office hopes to complete at least 75% of the application approval within the above-mentioned time. They adopted the following methods:

– If the applicant has not provided supporting documents within 2 weeks after submitting the application, the visa officer will send a postal letter asking the applicant to provide relevant documents

– The applicant will have a 28-day period to provide documents

– Applicants need to provide reasonable reasons if they need to extend this period, and the consulate will only grant a maximum of 7 days each time.

– The applicant has 28 days to make a matching investment after receiving the investment invitation letter

– If you need to extend this period, you need to provide a reasonable reason and the consulate will only grant a maximum of 70 days.