[Global Times Special Correspondent in Germany Aoki] According to a report by Der Spiegel on the 10th, the Lower Saxony-Bremen Social Court in Lüneburg, Germany recently ruled that a Chinese couple must repay the German government about 4 euros. Social welfare expenses. The Chinese couple came to Germany to apply for asylum in 1990 and enjoyed various social subsidies in Germany for many years, but they were discovered by the police that they had also received remittances from Taiwan’s intelligence agencies, totaling more than 10 euros. According to the husband, the money was used to “enter Chinese dissidents and provide them with living expenses”, and he didn't get any money himself.

A reporter from the "Global Times" read the judgment of the Lower Saxony-Bremen State Social Court L8 SO 156/10, which was issued on March 3th this year. The verdict stated that the Chinese couple were born in China in 6 and 1949, and were married in China. They are both Chinese citizens. They came to Germany to apply for asylum in 1948 and have been granted permanent residency in Germany since 1990. The verdict did not mention the names of the two people, nor did it specify the cities where they lived. They were all indicated by letter codes.

According to Der Spiegel, the couple has enjoyed German social benefits for many years, including housing subsidies, unemployment benefits, unemployment benefits and social relief, such as housing subsidies of 360 euros per month. However, the German police discovered that the couple received remittances from different banks in Taipei while receiving German social benefits. The survey showed that between 1997 and 2004, the man received multiple remittances ranging from 1400 euros to 4.9 euros on the Deutsche Bank account, totaling more than 10 euros. For example, the lump sum received on February 1997, 2 is 3 marks. "They get remittances almost every month, and they are accurate to two decimal places."

The Lower Saxony-Bremen Social Court held that foreign remittances came from Taiwan’s intelligence services. During the interrogation, the Chinese man defended that he was only the custodian of foreign remittances. Foreign remittances are used to entertain Chinese dissidents and provide them with living expenses, as well as higher mail postage and telephone expenses. The remittances of the intelligence services are used to support the "China Opposition Party"-the China Christian Democratic Union (CCDU). In court, the man also claimed that he did not know that such transfers needed to be reported to the German authorities. He lacks language skills and cannot fully understand German.

However, the court held that without obtaining evidence of the source, purpose and use of the remittance, the man had the right to enjoy the foreign remittance himself, thus violating the German welfare law, and sentenced the couple to repay German social welfare fees of $40102.88.

German News Television commented on the 11th that the work of intelligence personnel is dark and dangerous, and they often receive financial compensation, "but foreign '007' cannot enjoy German benefits." A staff member of the Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen, Germany, who did not want to be named, said in an interview with a reporter from the Global Times on the 11th that this was the first time that a foreign spy had received welfare in Germany. The trial period of this case is very long and very cautious. Five judges participated, and the final judgment was not made until recently. However, he is unwilling to disclose other details of the case. According to reports, the couple was deported back to China in September 5.