It is said that books are the ladder of human progress. This ladder must be a tofu project. Otherwise, how could I learn so badly!

Looking at the foodies, is the tofu brain salty or sweet? The war should come to an end. Sinologist Ma Yueran tells you: it's salty!

Don't be convinced, they must read more than you!

After the speech, I went up to ask Mr. Ma Yueran: "Professor, what does tofu brain taste like?"

The old man Ma did not hesitate at all: "Of course it is salty. Tofu Nao Chinese orthodox is salty." (Zhao Haoyang)

Yaoyao~~Qieke makes trouble~~The salty party should get up!

In the long-lasting North-South dispute between sweet and salty, the Salty Party finally won the support of authority. What do the "infidels" of the Sweet Party think?

Don't make any noise, be careful that Koreans say tofu brain is spicy, apply for a legacy!

I don’t want to go to work anymore. I want to make tofu. If it’s hard, it’s dried tofu. If it’s thinner, it’s dried tofu. If it’s thin, it’s tofu skin. Stinky tofu!

This Sao Nian, who used to not study well, has since reformed.

The picture is too beautiful to think about. . .

Reading starts with the four masterpieces: Dream of the Brothel, Aventure in the Three Kingdoms, Legend of Sleeping Fox, and Suyou Ji.

There are also: madman being diary, don’t get fucked by the overlord, Harry Potter, big sex life explosion, swan jumping in the lake, twilight tube, authentic field battle, Camellia actress, death is coming, Spartan Day XNUMX Warriors , The Legend of Wulin Affair, Doraemon, happiness is like a chrysanthemum, Notre Dame brothel, on the protracted field...

Editor, do you read too much? This title is too vicious! Can't you use "the cutest height difference"?

Remember the "cuteest height difference" pair that was very popular on the Internet? It is said that the two broke up because the boys cheated...

It's really good to show affection quickly. Sao Nian, why are you cheating? Love is not in harmony?

It is said that the kiss is too hard, and the long-term severe compression of the cervical spine on both sides is the most direct fuse.

This is the fall into the hands of sister Chuan.

Men in Chuanyu, let alone make mistakes, they will be beaten if they are not pregnant!

Being scolded by others, concentrating on being tricked by others, being really deceived by others, being trampled on kindly, this is the reality.

I always thought it was fake that a wolf fell in love with a sheep, but the following one ruined my three views, I really fell in love!

Women are books and men are pigs. Never expect pigs to understand books.

The following skills must not fall into the hands of women.

How to quiet an unreasonable girlfriend is a test of a man's IQ. Lack of heart and eyes will reason with your girlfriend, and will often add fuel to the fire to make matters worse; those who are clumsy will put their girlfriend in the corner and give a mad kiss; those who choose to shut up in order not to cause trouble for themselves seem to be smart but easily cause a cold war ; The wise man directly drew out a stack of banknotes: "Every word you say is one hundred less!" It is guaranteed to be effective immediately. (Twice less ten catties)

Since I drove this car, I haven't missed a girl, because no one has started.

The correct way of picking up a girl: chasing and not willing to spend money; the wrong way of picking up a girl: chasing and not willing to spend money. (This dream is damn bad)

I bought a pack of air and found some potato chips in it, which I made.

The most tragic thing in the world is that after opening the wallet, "Chairman Mao" is no longer there and "people of all ethnic groups" are still there. . . .

Has your "Grandpa Mao" given to the Red Cross?

Someone broke the news that on the 7th, he was banned from boarding when he was two minutes late at the airport. Zhao Baige, the vice president of the Red Cross, who was late, managed to board the plane through the open back door. The person went to theory, and the other party claimed that Zhao Baige was a lifetime platinum member of Air China.

Why do you think of "donating your sister" when you see the name "Zhao Baige"?

Red Club: You put your money into the donation box, and I only take first class on the flight.

Donations and donations have become platinum for life, and I feel ashamed for an instant. How did you cheekily donate to platinum members for life?

Can a lifetime platinum card stand on the side of the road and beckon to the sky?

Baige, Baige, are you in a hurry to fly to pay Meimei's gambling debt?

Baige, Baige, you can't fly by yourself in a hurry, fly with Meimei!

The Secretary of the Air China Party Committee said: "We don't do this very much, and we won't do it this way."

The ambiguity is that this is the real reason for the delay of the plane and air control.

It's all gone, let's go, the white pigeon did not take the special plane, which is enough to reflect its integrity.

If the trouble goes on, President Zhao bought a private jet with everyone's donation, and he was completely clean.

Think about how she wants to do good, then she understands. With millions of income per second, we can't release pigeons and we can't delay!

What is the money for a ticket? Tens of millions of paintings can be thrown away as garbage!

After Poly's auction in Hong Kong, a painting that sold for 2875 million yuan disappeared bizarrely. Police investigation found that it was mistakenly used as garbage by a cleaner to landfill! Preliminary investigation, this matter does not involve criminal.

Cleaner: Can't stand it, fart art, this TM is rubbish, it is too hard to wipe your ass!

The cleaners are really so two, would they treat paintings as garbage?

After the money is laundered, the painting is of course rubbish. (Netizen)

Do you really spend money?

In the two villages by the river, the village chief in Hedong and the people often reinforce his embankment; the village chief in Hexi embezzled funds for food and drink. The flood came to Hexi and the dyke broke. The village head led the people to fight the flood and fight on the front line. The TV station interviewed every day, and the higher-ups approve the disaster relief. The village head was also promoted to the third rank because of a meritorious rescue officer. But what happened to Hedong, where the embankment is solid, is still the village chief.

Jingzhou, a poverty-stricken county in Hubei, also spends a lot of money to spend XNUMX million yuan to build office buildings in violation of regulations. The TV host Cui Jianbin scolded officials in the show: "Thoughts are extravagant and corrupt! I really want to tell them that they can go as far as their thoughts are!" Being replaced on the spot during the live broadcast, he wanted to finish speaking but was rejected.

Xiao Cui, you are still too young to play cards according to your routine, know?

If you say something like this on TV, you should learn more from the news network, so that you can never end.

We must raise our political consciousness, keep in line with the spirit of superiors at all times, and replace "roll as far as the mind is" with "strong protest" and "strong condemnation"!

You are on fire, and the leaders above are on fire, cremating your heart.

Liu Qiangdong redefines simple goodness, and poor counties redefine poverty

It is not the moderator who needs to be replaced on the spot, but certain officials. It is the time for the Commission for Discipline Inspection to take the initiative!

The TV station responded that this was a broadcast accident. The host said something that shouldn't be said in the program, but the work was not affected.

It's not affected. Maybe the season is not right. Before autumn, I pray for you and go well. Conscience companies are ready to provide a job for the guys?

Jian Lin, a 31-year-old veteran, worked in the Navy and repaired airplanes. He spent 4 yuan at home to build a tank during the Spring Festival. He used it as a toy for his son, burned diesel, and could drive.

Whether you can drive is very important, and being able to shoot is even more important!

You go home from school and sit on the bench, and the children go home and sit on the tank, and you are the father of others! Does this dad still have a spell?

Recall that when your father had nothing to do at home, he gave you ______?

This is the case for men. He obviously wants to play, but he insists on making it for his son.

Since then, road rollers have been built in the village, and cannonballs can be installed to prevent forced demolition.

Have you filed taxes yet? Is it on the card? Do you have a certificate? Are you insured yet? Is there a ring guarantee? Has the car been inspected? Do you have a driver's license? Punish you!

Report! How long can a private weapon be sentenced?

If you know, send the tank to Hengdian as a prop!

On the 8th, Hengdian Film and Television City is on fire! The prop warehouse caught fire, and a large number of props were burned to become "anti-Japanese martyrs". Has the slingshot for flying a plane burned?

It's equivalent to ordering the Japanese army's arsenal. How will you fight in the future and take a wooden stick?

It is said that Little Swallow’s chair Huang Ama’s bed may have been burned out. Oh my god, has the Yitian Sword and Dragon Slayer been snatched out? !

The American emperor, seeing the tragic scene of us killing devils, there is wood and trembling! There are wood!

After reading this news headline, I thought that the prestige of Big Lan Xiang was already Megatron. . .

We must resolutely refuse this kind of unreasonable request, and the cutting-edge technology must not be leaked!

report! Someone used "chemical weapons" indiscriminately!

Five months ago, four female teachers of a kindergarten in Lianyungang, Jiangsu felt a peculiar smell in their teacups when they drank water. A female teacher took pains to finally photograph the evidence: a 5-year-old male employee of the kindergarten peeed into the teacup of the female teacher! Embarrassingly, the police cannot punish but educate.

Urine after drinking for half a year! If you can't be punished, can you confiscate the tools of crime?

Fortunately, I took a picture of JJ with my mobile phone, otherwise I don't know when the pee will have to drink. Don't send uncoded pictures indiscriminately!

A guy asked to break up because his girlfriend posted a picture in the circle of friends without a bottom line.

"Once she posted a few photos of drinking too much, and her companions showed half of their ass, and friends came to ask me, what woman did she find?"

"Seeing her posting a selfie of herself wearing pajamas before going to bed, it's really hot!"

This kind of female ticket must be broken up! What's the question mark? Rong Xiaobian to criticize!

How can one's own photos be snatched by others!

There is still a bottom line, at least I didn't make my nude photos and your bed photos rough.

They all hope that the other half of others will be naked, and their other half will be tight.

Don’t forget to see other beauties doing this before, but you silently place a lot of praise!

Please forgive her for her life-long bohemian love to take selfies. There is no cure for this disease...

When the internet is disconnected and the electricity goes out, you will feel like a caveman.

You see, the teacher finally understands the reason why he tried to sit in the first row. . .

What's the matter of posting photos, you should also take out the cuckold and expose it!

A man in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province suspected that the wife of a civil servant had a relationship with the leader. He posted the room opening records of the two on the Internet, and they were basically working hours and working days. The local Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation.

We are in the class, people are in the work, and it is a paid day.

Following the anti-corruption efforts of the "Little Three" and netizens, the "Green Hat" will become another major force in the fight against corruption. Anti-corruption has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The sunshine has been good these days, so this is the way to Tibet.

"All the children of God will come to Tibet!"

The weather is getting hotter, and short hair increases.

Spring covers the autumn and freezes, "Spring cover" must remember "8157".

"8" is the signal, the temperature difference between day and night exceeds 8℃, pay attention to cold and warm, don't take off thick coat.

"15" is the indicator. If the temperature is lower than 15°C, you must cover it. If the temperature is above 15°C, you should reduce your clothes, otherwise it will easily induce "spring fire".

"7 days" is the adaptation period. Even if the temperature reaches 15°C, you have to cover it for another 7 days to slowly adapt to environmental changes.

Seeing these two masters will induce "spring fire", the second man rewards women, brother Qiang, what are you looking at?

It's raining, and the temperature is getting cold. Don't think that Auntie Plaza can rest. Humph~ you are too naive.

There are so many mosquitoes in spring that can't sleep well? Let's have a striped dress!

American experts say that the stripes on zebras are the result of evolution and can prevent mosquito bites because they keep away from such stripes. Therefore, wearing a striped T-shirt can repel mosquitoes. . .

Are you sure it’s dark at night, mosquitoes have night vision, can they see the stripes on my clothes?

Decided to turn on the lights tonight and sleep. I wonder if the Chinese mosquitoes recognize the African zebras.

its not right! Regardless of whether it is a zebra pattern, no one will be bitten in long sleeves!

Niehu, are you in COS Zebra! Anti-mosquito?

There are mosquitoes, what should I do? Of course it is! Snapped! Snapped! Hit~

——【Daily Question】——

An exam paper of a Xueba and Logic Emperor is said to be a top schoolmaster who can answer all of them within an hour. Sorry, I am a scumbag!

Play this if you can’t answer, everyone is a predictor! What kind of person do you think is downstairs?

The answer at noon on April 4 is up bang!

——【Follow up bang】——

In the past, Yiyou asked to be on the list, but now it is popular to become popular!

Friends of Yi who are on the list all have the chance to become aunt red.

You will be red tomorrow, "Right on the list"!

Do you know why the name was always played before? Insincere. Learn from this Yiyou!

—【Reality Show: "Ugly Frustration Competition"】—

"M15999593908": It's so ugly that my mother doesn't recognize me anymore. There's no reason not to give me acridine! Xiao Bian why is this why?

Yiyou "Shen Qihu":

I want to know the extent of my friends' ugly skills, please quickly take a picture of your "ugly face" and give it to me. Of course, you must have a comparative photo of the ugly before and after the ugly. The compilation is to see if your "ugly skill" is up to standard.

Since it is a competition, the decision is of course in the hands of friends. Vote quickly! Determine the "imperial ugliness" in your heart!

Of course, the benefits are greatly reduced. As long as the winner selected in each issue of the "Reality Show" column votes, the desk calendar, diary, small doll, and actress's signature (gifts are sent randomly according to the actual situation), the absolute is true, the editor has not fooled you!

(All column content recommendations are extracted from the wisdom of netizens, only for the purpose of conveying information, and do not represent the official voice of Chinatown.)