The photo shows several tanks driving on the highway

The picture shows a man lying on the ground, the blood on his head stained the floor red

Maoming Evening News Since March 3, after a mass disturbance occurred in the urban area, the Internet, especially on WeChat, QQ and Weibo, has been flooded with various pictures and information. However, people are gradually discovering that many information and pictures circulating on the Internet are either exaggerated, fictitious, or confusing. Below are a few pictures and text fragments that have been widely circulated but proved to be rumors collected by the reporter.
Dispatch the tank? Out of nothing!
The day before yesterday, many netizens tweeted a photo on their WeChat, QQ, WeChat circle, QQ group, etc. The photo showed several tanks driving on the highway (see Figure ①). The reporter saw that a certain netizen reposted the picture with the text: "Even the tanks are dispatched! Are you going to wipe out our Maoming! ..." Netizens who don’t know the truth often add some irritating or sensational words when reposting this picture. Explain, such as "Tonight is a tank, tomorrow night it will not be a missile?" And, after being reminded by others that it was a rumor, they still plausibly said that they saw it with their own eyes.
However, it has been confirmed that this picture is only a picture of troops training on the road in previous years. Yesterday, the reporter found in the WeChat circle that many netizens who originally reposted this picture have refuted the rumors by themselves.
Citizen lying in a pool of blood? It happened in Zhejiang 2 years ago!
In the past two days, a very bloody picture has been circulating on the Internet. The picture shows a man lying on the ground with blood on his head staining the floor. The poster stated that it happened in the urban area of ​​Maoming on March 3, stating that Maoming police beat citizens and so on. This picture was once circulated wildly in WeChat circles, QQ groups, and Weibo. However, a discerning person soon discovered that this picture was downloaded from the Internet by people with ulterior motives to create rumors (see Figure ②).
According to clues provided by insiders, the reporter found a piece of news published on February 2012, 2 on the Zhejiang online website: "Daughter was entangled by an older man, father and lover are chased with a knife", with this picture image. The news started by saying: At the intersection of Huimin Road and Liming Road, someone was attacking people with a knife, which is terrifying! I called the police! ——At 2:11 noon today, Wenzhou netizen "Enyong 54 I faint" updated the scene of violence he just witnessed on Weibo.
Obviously it was a photo of a news incident that happened in other places two years ago. It turned out to be a scene of a police beating a citizen in an urban area of ​​our city! Yesterday morning, the reporter saw many netizens in WeChat circles and QQ groups expressing strong indignation and condemnation for such rumors.
In addition, a picture showing a mass demonstration was also turned wildly by some netizens, saying it was the site of a demonstration in Maoming. The picture is full of people, and the scene is very shocking. But sharp-eyed netizens immediately recognized that this was the picture used by some media reports last year when the Jiangmen nuclear fuel project was discontinued (see Figure ③). The reporter searched the Internet for a piece of news titled "The Jiangmen nuclear fuel project was dismantled and triggered an "anti-nuclear demonstration" by the masses," and this picture appeared in the news.
Maoming closed the city? Train station blocked? Pure rumors!
The night before last, some WeChat circles and QQ groups once reposted rumors about the closure of Maoming's urban area. Yesterday there were rumors that Maodong Railway Station was blocked, making some friends in Maoming anxious. Yesterday at noon, a friend specifically asked the reporter whether Maodong Railway Station was really blocked.
These are pure rumors. The reporter drove freely in and out of Maoming city last night, and today also picked up a friend who just got off the train at Maodong Railway Station.
In addition, there are many other rumors in the form of words, such as: “300 plainclothes and 1500 police officers are called tonight to arrest people at any time. Anyone who wears masks and rebels will be regarded as terrorists killed and innocent...” Fortunately, Most netizens are more rational, and immediately condemn the rumors when they see this false information.

The picture is full of people, and the scene is very shocking.

The reporter interviewed some citizens at random about the rumors on the Internet yesterday afternoon. The citizens interviewed said that it is really hateful for rumors to create rumors, mislead everyone, and disrupt social order and should be severely punished! According to relevant laws and regulations, rumors that violate the "Public Security Administration and Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China" will be punished by detention, fines, and other penalties. Serious circumstances may also constitute a crime.