According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" report, swimmer Ian Thorpe (Ian Thorpe) is now hospitalized in a Sydney hospital because he is "very sick". The manager said that Thorpe had previously been exposed to two potentially fatal transmissible bacteria, and he might not be able to participate in swimming competitions in the future.

(Image source: "Sydney Morning Herald")

The 31-year-old Thorpe has won the Olympic gold medal 5 times. He unfortunately contracted the germs after undergoing a series of shoulder surgeries in the Swiss town of Ronco sopra Ascona. He is now returning to Sydney and staying in the intensive care unit. Many people visited Thorpe in the hospital, saying that despite his serious illness, Thorpe was in good spirits.

"Thorpe is seriously ill, but he is not life-threatening." Thorpe's manager, James Erskine, told the Associated Press. "He was infected with two kinds of germs in the hospital. He has undergone two or three operations in the past two months. It's really unlucky."
Erskine denied reports that Thorpe would lose the ability to use his arms due to infection, but said Thorpe may not be able to return to the game. "From a competitive point of view, Thorpe will not be able to participate in the swimming competition again. His shoulder surgery is a major operation, and the doctor implanted many metal plates for him."
It is reported that Thorpe's infection is similar to the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that ravages some European hospitals.
This illness is another blow in Thorpe's life. The swimmer, who has won 11 world gold medals, was found behaving strangely on Sydney Street earlier this year. He was subsequently sent to hospital for depression treatment. The manager later stated that Thorpe needs to take antidepressants and medications for shoulder pain all the time.
Thorpe won three gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and two gold medals at the Athens Olympics four years later. But he announced his retirement in 3 because of lack of motivation when Thorpe was only 4 years old. In 2, Thorpe published his autobiography "This is Me", telling about his nearly 2006 years of anti-depressant experience, during which suicidal thoughts and frequent alcohol abuse occurred.