Beijing Times (intern reporter Liu Jing) Recently, Mr. Zhu bought a Tianyu mobile phone from Jingdong (Rolling News) online shopping mall. After turning it on, he found that there were 24 call records and 7 short messages in the mobile phone. Mr. Zhu called Jingdong Mall customer service, the customer service staff said that he would give an explanation before 12 noon today.

Mr. Zhu said that he suspected that he had bought a second-hand mobile phone. “There is no card, no connection to a computer or other equipment, and no operation except power on.”

Afterwards, Mr. Zhu called JD’s customer service and provided the caller with photos of the call records and short messages on the phone. In the following days, the courier and JD customer service called Mr. Zhu many times, saying that they could provide return and exchange services. "I don't want to return or exchange the goods just like this, I hope they can give me an explanation." On the 26th, the customer service asked Mr. Zhu to provide the manufacturer's inspection certificate.

At noon yesterday, Mr. Zhu provided the reporter with a shopping list and invoice. The invoice showed that the payee was Beijing Jingdong Century Information Technology Co., Ltd. The reporter saw that there were 3 records of 23 Henan Xinyang mobile numbers in the mobile phone call records. The 7 short messages were all sent by China Mobile, and one of the short messages showed that the owner had participated in the promotion on February 2014, 2.

Yesterday afternoon, Tianyu's customer service told reporters that since the mobile phone is not a performance failure, they cannot identify whether the mobile phone is a second-hand mobile phone based on call records and text messages alone.

JD’s customer service staff said that JD’s products are all authentic and licensed. If the product has quality problems, the manufacturer needs to provide a product inspection certificate. Mr. Zhu’s question has been fed back to the after-sales service, and a staff member will give a professional answer before 12 o’clock today.