The south of the Yangtze River at the end of April is a good scenery, but in Shanghai Zhangjiang Creative Park, APP developer Pan Jing has no time to enjoy the April sky in the south of the Yangtze River where the grass grows. She laughs at herself as a nosy person, and is thinking about how to organize domestic APP developers to "keep together." She held a thick pile of materials in her hand, all of which were removed from the Apple Store in the past two years. Recently, it was a relatively active social app for women in China—"Aunt You Tan". According to Pan Jing, in early April, "Aunt You Tan" received Apple's removal notice. The content of the notice only showed that "Aunt You Tan" violated Article 4(f) of relevant regulations. , No more specific instructions.

At about the same time, "Aunt You Tan" also received a notice to remove Pea Pods from the Android app market. Different from Apple’s unclear delisting "Notice", Peapod clearly informed the reason for the delisting: it received a letter from a lawyer that caused infringement of the word "Auntie?". Later, the "Aunt You Tan" submitted relevant materials showing that the trademarks applied by both parties were completely different. After appealing, Pea Pod resumed the application on the shelves within 24 hours. However, there is no precise timetable for when "Aunt You Tan" will resume its shelves in the Apple Store. According to the content of the email, it will be removed for at least one year.

The list of applications that Apple removed from the shelves is endless: from Baidu, Tencent, 360, to Youku, Renren Games, Kingsoft and PPS, they have all been removed. As for the reasons for the removal, most of the people who were removed can only guess which "military regulations" they have committed. These companies that have a reputation in China and even the global Internet industry can only play a role of "being under the fence" in the Apple App Store. Even if the "innocent" is removed from the shelves, he still has to show his understanding and recognition of the decision made by the Apple App Store. There is quite a taste of "if there are mistakes to correct, there is no mistake and encouragement."