In order to combat dangerous car owners who step on the accelerator in the 40 km/h speed limit zone, the Victorian authorities will add speeding cameras next to the fixed red light cameras.


And if you drive at 60 km/h in the area where the usual speed limit is 40 km/h and the newly marked 65 km/h area, the car family will pay a fine of 397 yuan for speeding, with 4 points deducted and deducted Driver's license for one month.

On Monday, the intersection of Punt Road-Toorak Road in South Yarra, Punt Rd-High St in Prahran, Whitehorse Road-Surrey Road in Blackburn, and Barkly Street-Carlisle Street in St Kilda are expected to change from the speed limit of 60 km/h Speed ​​limit zone of 40 km/h. At present, these four intersections have red light cameras, and 4 violating car owners were caught in the last fiscal year and a fine of 4787 million yuan was collected. Statistics show that 130 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in Victoria last year.

Jonathan Granger, a spokesperson for the Attorney General's Department, said that in order to match the road conditions, the speed camera will have several different speed limit settings. He said that the speeding cameras are just an additional means for drivers to slow down and avoid fatal collisions with pedestrians and students. “It’s really not worth it to step on the gas pedal in order to get past a red class. The tragedy that this may cause is too painful, so drivers should not take this risk by chance, especially outside the school or near the store. These cameras will make pedestrians more cases."

The use of dual cameras in the 40km/h speed limit zone is a new trick used by the state government to arrest drivers who do not comply with the law. In March, the three cameras at the intersections of Flinders St-William St and Exhibition St-Victoria St and St Kilda’s Fitzroy St-Lakeside Dr were all activated, and 3 speeding were caught in two weeks. Car family.

Last friend, the Victorian police began to use new super cameras to crack down on illegal drivers. This new camera has a range of up to 700 meters, which means that many drivers who violate the rules have been photographed before the camera is discovered.

In addition, the government has also allocated 1700 million yuan to upgrade and update the mobile speeding camera network, including adding a camera that can simultaneously shoot two lanes and multiple lanes.

The editor reminded that a friend of the editor had his driver’s license revoked for one month because of speeding, so he reminded friends to slow down their lives for their own safety and family happiness.