Can't imagine Australia has high mountains covered with snow? A visit to the fairyland-like beautiful ski resort around Melbourne can completely change your view! When the people in the northern hemisphere are about to enter the scorching heat of summer, the people in the southern hemisphere will enjoy the pure white world! The Victorian ski season will begin in June every year. Come and follow Mo Mojun into Melbourne's ice kingdom!

Three major ski resorts Of Mt Buller

Mt Buller (Mt Buller) is only three hours' drive from Melbourne and is the most convenient large ski resort in Australia! Thanks to the geographical advantage of being adjacent to Melbourne Airport, Mount Buller has become the preferred destination for skiing enthusiasts throughout Australia and around the world!

The snow-covered Mt Buller environment and facilities can meet the needs of families! Whether it is snowmen and sleds that children love, thrilling snowboarding that young people love, or a scenic cable car suitable for the whole family! You can also sip delicious coffee at the indoor coffee shop, while admiring the flying snow outside the window! Mount Buller, an alpine wonderland that can make you happy and forget to return!

Address:Mt Buller, Victoria 3723

phone:03 5777 6077

Official website:

Three major ski resorts Of Falls Creek

Falls Creek is a four-and-a-half hour drive from Melbourne and is the largest alpine resort in Victoria! There are more than 90 downhill ski trails, 20 cross-country ski trails, and accommodation services that can truly ski in and out! Fosquick Mountain provides skiing, snowboarding facilities and a wealth of daytime and night activities for skiers of all levels. It is also the only ski resort in Australia that allows adults to drive their own snowmobiles!

Address:1 Slalom St, Falls Creek, Victoria 3699

phone:03 5758 1200

Official website:

Three major ski resorts Of Hotham

Mount Hotham (Mount Hotham) is the highest alpine resort center in Victoria. You can fly to Hotham Airport from Melbourne. The resort is located on a majestic mountain ridge, with magnificent scenery and diverse terrain to satisfy ski lovers of all levels! The resort also has a ski school, daycare center and day spa. The Burton Riglet Park here can even let children aged 3-6 experience the fun of skiing!

Address:Great Alpine Road, Hotham Heights, PO Box 188 Bright Victoria 3741

phone:03 5759 3550

Official website:

Lake Mountain

It takes less than two hours from Melbourne to reach the white world of Lake Mountain-a place where you can ride a sled and play around in the snow! Whether it's tobogganing, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, or playing in the snow with the whole family, lakes and mountains are ideal places to do your part!

Address:Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, PO BOX 40 Marysville, Victoria 3779

phone:03 5957 7222

Official website:

Mt Baw Baw

Mt Baw Baw is a 2.5-hour drive from Melbourne and is surrounded by a national park. It is a charming and unique alpine resort! After taking a deep breath of clear mountain air, you will definitely forget the hustle and bustle of the city! It offers a series of sports such as alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, sledding and snow playing! Because the cross-country path here is wider, it can bring better sports experience for skiers!

Address:Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort, PO Box 117 Rawson, Victoria 3825

phone:03 5165 1136

Official website:

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Before starting a ski trip, remember to buy or rent all the equipment you need, including hats, windshields, masks, ski suits and ski pants, and then go to see what shoes and skis are rented. Remember not to be distracted during ski lessons!