Chongqing opened direct flights to Sydney, another "Australia fever"

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Australian Tourism Minister Andrew Robb recently revealed in the first "Australia Week in China" event that China has become Australia's second largest tourism market, and the favorite city and region for Chinese tourists is Sydney.

Last year, Sichuan Airlines opened a direct flight from Chengdu to Melbourne. In May of this year, Sichuan Airlines will open a direct flight from Chongqing to Sydney. Wang Jing, head of the Shuncheng branch of the Provincial China Youth Travel Service, said that the opening of direct flights will definitely increase the attractiveness of tourism along the Australia-New Zealand route to tourists.



Industry insiders pointed out that the Australian offer is between 1 and 1.5 yuan, and there is a special price of 15 to 7 yuan during the off-season. Australia only needs to be about 5899 days in advance. The Shuncheng branch of the Provincial China Youth Travel Agency specially designed a 330-day tour of Sydney, Australia every Thursday, 4 yuan/person all-inclusive. Round-trip air tickets, air tickets and taxes, hotel accommodation, tour guide transportation, meals, Australian visas...all items are all covered by Airbus AXNUMX dual-aisle wide-body aircraft, which is more than XNUMX% cheaper than the similar itinerary quoted in the same period last year.



The following are more domestic reports:


Ending the history of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

The Chongqing-Sydney route is operated by Sichuan Airlines, one every Tuesday and Friday, and the first flight is operated by Airbus A330. The flight departs from Chongqing at 1:05 Beijing time and arrives in Sydney at 14:00 local time. The journey takes about 10 hours.


The route will eliminate the need for passengers between the two places to transit in other cities at home and abroad, saving passengers time and expenses to the greatest extent.


In the past, travelers from the western region to Sydney, Australia usually took the plane first and then flew to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou for transit.


According to the relevant person in charge of Sichuan Airlines, this route is the first direct route to Sydney in western China, ending the history of the "North, Shanghai and Guangzhou" route from western China to Sydney.


Round-trip discounted fare is 1400 yuan

In the early hours of this morning, there were more than 240 passengers on the first international flight to Sydney. According to Sichuan Airlines, for the first four flights, Sichuan Airlines has launched a round-trip ticket price of 1400 yuan (excluding tax).


The direct flight from Chongqing to Sydney is served by a crew with rich international flight experience and many important flight guarantee tasks; the cabin service is provided by the Sichuan Airlines Bayu Style Crew, and the flight attendants wore red "Shu Yun" cheongsam on the first flight. .


In addition, on the maiden flight this morning, Sichuan cuisines such as Kung Pao Chicken, Salted Braised White, and Jiangcheng Water Chicken were prepared for passengers, as well as Western desserts such as Black Forest cakes. The rich combination of dinner and supper, Sichuan cuisine and Western food provides passengers with a variety of meal options.


5 new international routes opened this year

According to the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Airport, Chongqing Airport has opened international passenger routes from Chongqing to Da Nang, Chiang Mai, San Francisco and Los Angeles since this year. The opening of the Chongqing-Sydney route brings Chongqing Airport’s international (regional) passenger routes to 22, covering Hong Kong, Taipei, Macau, Doha, Helsinki, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Phuket, the Philippines, Kalibo, Sabah, Maldives , Jeju Island, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sydney and other destinations.


At present, Chongqing Airport has initially established an international passenger route network connecting Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Australia and other regions.

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