Text/Ma Yun

The link sent to me by my friend just now. I watched it and talked about my thoughts on employee accidents and management in large companies.

In fact, after the company has XNUMX employees, it is strange, special accidents will happen. In the past, people thought that one in ten thousand was a very small probability, but in fact, after tens of thousands of employees discovered that life and work accidents were quite a lot. I think almost every major company feels the same. In many cases, in order to protect the personal privacy of employees, we can't say why.

What I pray most every year is the safety and health of the young people in the company. Even if I sit in a company like ours, I feel safe and healthy is a blessing. Every time there is any life accident, watching the life of a young man disappear, the grief and uncomfortable heart is beyond words. . . Not to mention colleagues working together.

Work in a good company is stressful. You cannot train good employees without pressure. But good companies are definitely not made by pressure, because bad companies are also under great pressure. Relying on "blood and sweat" employees is definitely impossible to become a big company, because people are smart and can run, especially in today's world.

The charm of the company is because of its culture, not its system. It is cultural attraction that cultivates outstanding employees. Many years ago, we advocated the life and work attitude of "living seriously and working happily". I firmly believe that a person who can't live a serious life cannot work well. It is impossible for a person who is unhappy to work to have innovative ideas. We advocate this culture because we have discovered that many of our young people can neither live nor work. The balance between life and work is an ability that needs to be cultivated. I haven't cultivated it yet.

We very much hope to share our culture with many people and give them consideration. Our conditions today may not be the best in the world, but it is estimated that not many have surpassed us. The same is true for pregnant women. We are continually working on it. Our colleagues are the same.

The company is not a place to enjoy life, but we hope to treat work as an enjoyment, but too few people can do it.