Not on a blind date, or on the way to a blind date. This popular saying can quite represent the emotional state of life of many modern people, especially single men and women Chinese compatriots living in foreign countries.

Because matchmaking websites often explode a lot of false and false information, many single men and women still use traditional matchmaking agencies as their main channel to obtain partners of the opposite sex. But according to relevant statistics, the quality of traditional matchmaking is also worrying. In China, consumer complaints caused by matchmaking are increasing at an annual rate of 20% to 30%. In the first quarter of 2012 alone, complaints about matchmaking services ranked fifth on the "black list". In Australia on the other side of the ocean, there are more and more matchmaking complaints, especially Chinese matchmaking. Last week, several readers jointly called this newspaper to talk about the fraud they encountered in a Chinese matchmaking agency in Melbourne (for special reasons, the complainant hoped that the newspaper would not disclose the name of the matchmaking agency). This Chinese matchmaking agency in CITY does not have any membership resources. It often introduces a man to several women repeatedly, or changes the age of the man or publishes false advertisements in information, and some do not provide services after receiving membership fees. . This makes those members who have longing and expectation for love very hurt. They are obviously full of beauty and looking for the right person. How can they accidentally become the fish of bad matchmaking?

The matchmaking agency that collects money is too unreliable diamondCEOMet but became a taxi driver

38-year-old Malisa is a doctor. She told reporters: “Due to the pressure of her family, she started looking for the other half. I noticed that this Chinese matchmaking agency saw the advertisement of this matchmaking company in the newspaper. They wrote in the advertisement. Ming established the Diamond King’s Fifth Club, which is full of successful men with excellent conditions. I have good conditions and need to find a matching man, so I wanted to try this matchmaking agency. I saw this matchmaking company when I went. In the center of Melbourne, office buildings are very good, so I think their customers should be business people in the city, they should be elites, and their staff also said that I am beautiful in appearance and in good condition, and I will be able to find it as soon as possible. Yes, so I didn’t hesitate to directly pay the membership fee of 2 Australian dollars. This is a two-year membership fee. They said that they will always serve me during the two years. But since I joined one and a half years , I have met 2 people in total, one is not in Melbourne, and the age is different from what I asked for, and I can’t even talk about being the fifth best of diamonds. It’s horrible. A matchmaker introduced me to a man and said He is 2 years old. When I met him, I found that he was 47 years old! When I introduced him before, I said that their company is headquartered in Sydney. There are many outstanding men over there, and there are regular single parties. I can fly over to participate and say It will also be held here in Melbourne in the future. I have been a member for so long and I have never participated in any of their similar activities in Melbourne. I feel that this matchmaking agency does not have any diamond kings in the advertisement. Maybe they still have them now. My information is beckoning and deceiving men in need!"

Ms. Chen, who has been in Australia for decades, also angrily reported to reporters what she had experienced in this matchmaking agency: "When I mentioned this matchmaking agency, I was angry. When I first went to see their activities, the person in charge immediately saw me. She said that everyone is a fellow villager, and she must help me find the right one to ensure success. She also said that joining a member today will give me a discount immediately, and I said to consider it, but she is too able to say that she will give someone two thousand yuan as a member For the fee, it was 1650 yuan for me, so I paid the money. But immediately I found out that before you paid the fee, they treated you as a master, and after you paid the money, he became a master. It's very annoying. Tell me The guys are super ridiculous. I clearly said that I want to be under 55. They recommended me a CEO of a large transportation company. When I met, I was a taxi driver, and they were all 59 years old. Why did you make a mistake about important issues? They said that they were negligent and that you saw first. In fact, age is not a problem, it feels the most important! Isn't this the person to deal with? And, the people they introduced to me are all It was very unreliable. It didn’t touch the diamond king and old five in the advertisement. Another time he said he was a farmer. When he came, he was a farmer in the suburbs, and he was 64 years old! Just ask me how many assets I have, how much is my house worth, it’s really weird!"

Helen, who works as the financial director of a company in Melbourne, was also dumbfounded when talking about her marriage situation: "I joined this matchmaking agency one and a half years ago. At the beginning, I recommended 1 or 6 people to me, but I looked at the information of these people. It feels too unreliable. So, after a year and a half, I have met 7 people, including Asians and Westerners. These people are too far apart from the men's profile that the matchmaker gave us when we joined the meeting. Once I met a When the man met, the matchmaker told me that he was a successful businessman with a large audio-visual company. After meeting and chatting, I discovered that it was his business 4 years ago. Now he is basically a vagrant, and he even asked me to find a job for him! It was ridiculous! Later I met with a male member of theirs and chatted with him and asked him how he knew that this matchmaking agency joined the membership. He said that it was in a western newspaper, in a very, very small corner, with the word'in English'. Are you interested in meeting beautiful Asian ladies? "Waiting for information, it looks like an advertisement for a brothel! I also secretly asked an intern of a matchmaking agency, and she said they often get phone calls asking if it is a brothel! They use this By recruiting male members, how could it be possible to recruit them for the so-called commercial success to know the Diamond Kings? What is it if this is not a lie?"

Bad matchmaking confused eyes Formal matchmaking teaches you true and false

Ms. Zhang from Melbourne has been single for many years and is also a member of a matchmaking company. She said: "Many Chinese matchmaking agencies are scammers. They say that they will let you join the party. After receiving the money, they will arrange a few marriage appointments for you to meet, and then they all say If you don’t agree, you call the matchmaking agency and ask them to find someone for you. They say they are looking for you, and then there is no news until your membership ends. They are not making money from successful people, but unsuccessful People’s money, because they were deceiving at the beginning, there is basically no possibility of success. Before I went to a matchmaking company and paid a membership fee of 2000 Australian dollars, and I met 5 people, with an average of more than 400 Australian dollars. I didn’t see one again. I am courageous, and I am in a very, very bad mood, because the men I meet are all weird and horrible. And as long as every time I call for consultation, the matchmaking company will do everything possible to ask you to go to her office for an interview. A lot of money. Another time, I told a matchmaking company that I wanted to return the money, and she said that she made an exception to upgrade me to a gold membership, and everyone else had to pay several thousand. Now I only need to pay another 1 yuan. She is in charge of me directly, absolutely guaranteed! They are really too capable of fooling around, and taking advantage of our eagerness to find a partner, they are really boiling frogs in warm water!"

In an Australian society with a sound legal system, as a legal and regular Chinese matchmaking agency, how can it realize its promise to users and protect users' rights? Ms. Li, the marriage consultant of a matchmaking company founded in Melbourne in 1995, said in an interview: "We have also heard about the problem of misinformation in some matchmaking companies. We focus on serious marriages and treat them with a sincere heart. Every customer, therefore, we will screen during the membership registration process. Each customer will have at least one hour consultation. We will ask each person individually for information, and must provide a real ID, such as a driver’s license, medical insurance Cards, etc., to ensure that members provide true information, and must sign a contract, if the information submitted by the member is false or untrue, he himself must bear the corresponding legal responsibility. We also suggest that friends choose a matchmaking company It is necessary to inquire in many ways to see their establishment time and word of mouth, etc., read more newspapers and broadcast news, and also see their business certificates to ensure that it is a regular business. I hope everyone can pass a formal matchmaking company Find happiness soon!"

If you encounter bad matchmaking, how can ordinary people protect their due rights as much as possible? Melbourne lawyer Lisa said that as a user, you also need to have a good mentality: “Many matchmaking agencies use people's eagerness, ideal perfection, and money-first mentality to implement various scams. This has caused a crisis of trust in the entire matchmaking industry! Half of the main scams For example, the attitude towards you is completely different before and after payment. The first three of the payment say that the second package is successfully sold, no problem! After payment, you change your face, or no longer accept you. Also treat you as a free marriage trust, many are more honest People who don’t want to see you ask you to meet, or use your information to attract others. There are also many matchmaking agencies who use photos to deceive people, holding wedding photos purchased from photography enthusiasts, and lie to them that they introduced Successful. There is also a successful person who hires a childcare to play a rich woman. When you encounter such an agency, you have the identity of an actor. These matchmaking agencies take advantage of people's mentality of pursuing money and ideal perfection!"

Matchmaking must also abide by the law Choose the right way to protect your rights!

Melbourne's bad matchmaking has harmed the interests of many people. Australia is known for its fair and sunny legal system. Then, according to relevant Australian laws, once the victim has conclusive evidence, what kind of punishment should the bad matchmaking be punished?

The lawyer of Melbourne’s largest Chinese law firm said in an interview: “Anyone can engage in matchmaking business in Australia, but if your business is fraudulent, the court can sanction you. Australia’s trade practice act issued in 1974 There are clear laws and regulations against fraud in business. If consumers feel that they have received fraud, they must keep the evidence, such as contracts, receipts, membership cards, etc., and explain the purpose of the membership fees paid at the time. Generally speaking It is said that if the membership fee of 2 Australian dollars is a relatively small amount, it is all to the Consumer Association of Australia to complain. If the amount is large, or if several victims are together, you can find a lawyer to solve the problem through judicial means and seek Compensation."

In an interview with reporters, a well-known Melbourne barrister reminded the impaired people: “In Australia, matchmaking companies are in the category of small businesses. It's like opening a grocery store. You don’t need any qualifications, unlike immigration agents. In fact, it’s not like an immigration agency. There is no specific regulation specifically for matchmaking companies. If consumers feel that they have encountered fraud, or false advertising, misleading, etc., consumers can complain to the consumer affair consumer association, or the VCAT arbitration committee, this service Small businesses belong to these parts of the jurisdiction. Consumers should keep the evidence of contract workers given by the matchmaking company at that time."

Ms. Su Jie, the Community Education Commissioner of the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs, clearly stated in an interview: “We have also received many complaints about matchmaking companies before. If consumers want to complain to us, they must first include all the evidence, such as The contract, advertisement, receipt and complaint form are filled out and sent to us. We will evaluate these documents to see if there is a basis for processing, and then we will send a commissioner to investigate. If several people have the same manager, they can complain together. More evidence is better for investigation. I also suggest that the majority of immigrant friends should be cautious when choosing a matchmaking company and paying money to become a member, because the subjectivity of matchmaking services is great, and everyone's standards for ideal objects in their hearts It is not the same. Sometimes after consumers become a member of a matchmaking company, the matchmaking company provides several people to the consumer, but not all of them are in line with the consumer’s mate selection requirements, nor may they guarantee success every time. Although the matchmaking company may have promised verbally, the contract in black and white is not such a guarantee. The evidence collection is an important issue. The contract is the main basis, so consumers must collect information when making a complaint. Be cautious in matchmaking!

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