Cars are an indispensable means of transportation in daily life in Australia. Australia is sparsely populated, taxis are few and expensive, and the penetration rate of private cars is very high. Each family has an average of 1.4. However, about 1700 people die in traffic accidents in Australia each year, and one-third of them die in traffic accidents caused by drunk driving, far exceeding the number of soldiers killed in any major battle in Australia. In particular, Australia drives on the right side. Many new immigrants and international students who have driven in the country before come to Australia are very uncomfortable, especially the driving habits on the right side are difficult to adapt and cause many traffic accidents. ALSON, who studied at MONASH University, told the reporter of "New Immigration" newspaper: "After I came to Australia, I found out that the city is really big, taxis are expensive, public transportation is not available in many places, and many friends live in different districts. It’s really inconvenient if you don’t buy a car. I found that cars in Australia are actually quite cheap. I’m a novice and my parents are worried about my safety. I hope I buy a more comprehensive car insurance. But Australia has this There are many insurance companies, I don’t know which one to choose. Is there a difference in their services? Is there a difference between auto insurance in China and Australia?" I believe that many new immigrants who have questions about ASLON will have them. Buying auto insurance can transfer the loss from a car accident. It is essential to be able to drive with peace of mind, but are there any precautions for new immigrants whose native language is not English? How can I buy cost-effective insurance that suits me? Let us pay attention to this special report.

Chinese and Australian auto insurance are very different, choose insurance according to different situations

Tom, a business investment immigrant who has come to Australia for 4 years, told a reporter from the "New Immigration" newspaper: "I think the biggest difference between Australian and Chinese auto insurance is the issue of integrity. When there is a car accident in China, both parties cannot leave. When the insurance company comes to the scene, the insurance company needs to take a photo and leave a certificate. If you don’t wait for people from the insurance company to come, you may not be able to make a claim. It is easier to buy insurance in China, but it will be more troublesome to make a claim. An insurance company is often required The staff in Australia came to check the situation, and here in Australia I found that although there is a lot of information to be submitted when buying insurance online, even in areas where you frequently visit, there is no need to meet with the insurance company when making a warranty claim. Just send it directly to the designated car repair shop, but you have to pay an Excess fee here in Australia. It is not a small fee without paying. However, the insurance premium in China will not be paid because you have repaired more cars this year If you increase your premium next year, you will only increase the price of a certain type of auto insurance as a whole. It will not increase the price individually based on your personal circumstances. Unlike Australia, everyone’s premiums are different. Honesty is very important to Australia, although insurance People from the company will not come to check, but if you submit the information untrue, the insurance company will refuse to pay."

Tina, who works for a well-known car insurance company in Melbourne, said in an interview with a reporter from the "Newcomers" newspaper: "Auto insurance is called Automotive Insurance in English. Simply put, you pay the insurance company 1000 Australian dollars per year (for example). If your car is out For collision traffic accidents (broken down is not counted), the insurance company will pay you corresponding compensation according to the type of insurance you purchased. If your car crashes and repairs require 3000 dollars, the insurance company will pay 3000 dollars to the repair shop. Your car is repaired, and then you will be charged a $500 declaration fee or a deduction fee. In Victoria, vehicle insurance can be roughly divided into two types: The first type is called 2rd Party Insurance, which means if If a traffic accident occurred and it was caused by your mistake, the insurance company will compensate you for the repair cost of the vehicle you hit, but it will not pay to repair your own car. Some people feel that this kind of benefit is not good for themselves There is no need to spend the money, especially for some international students. But some international students will spend a lot of money if they don’t have insurance except for car accidents. Usually the third party insurance only costs about 3-400 per year. I suggest you buy it yourself. The car is only worth a dime, and at least a third-party insurance must be purchased. It can really help you when there is a problem. Simply put, what may happen if you buy a third-party insurance: the first is that you hit someone else Car, your fault. After paying the declaration fee, the insurance company will help you compensate the other party’s vehicle and repair your own car at your own expense. The second is that you are hit by someone else’s car and the other person’s fault, the insurance company will help you The insurance company recovers the repair costs to repair your car. In the third type, you are hit by someone else’s car and the other party did not buy insurance. The insurance company compensates for part of the repair cost of your vehicle, and the insurance company claims it from the other person."

Tina continued: “The second type of car insurance is called Comprehensive Insurance. The annual coverage of the full insurance is more expensive, usually between 700 and 2000 Australian dollars. It varies greatly depending on the driver’s driving age, insurance application history and the type of vehicle. , But it provides complete insurance. It means that in case of an accident, even if it is caused by your mistakes, the insurance company will fully compensate the other party and your own vehicle repair costs, you only need to pay the Excess fee. Yes, of course, the annual insurance coverage will increase in the next year. Simply put, what may happen after buying full insurance: The first type, you hit someone else’s car, your fault, the insurance company will help you after paying the declaration fee Compensate the other party’s vehicle and the repair cost of your own vehicle. The second type, you are hit by someone else’s car, the other party’s fault, the insurance company will help you recover the repair costs from the other party’s insurance company to repair your car. The third type, you If you were hit by someone else’s car and the other party did not buy insurance, the insurance company will compensate you for all the repair costs of your vehicle, and then the insurance company will claim it from the other person. My suggestion is if the value of the vehicle you bought is not high, for example, less than 5000 Australian dollars , In fact, it is not very worth paying the high annual sum assured and premiums every year, so you need to buy a third-party insurance to at least prevent the compensation for hitting an expensive vehicle. If the value of the vehicle is more than 10000 Australian dollars, it is recommended to purchase full insurance If the value of the vehicle depreciates in a few years, and you are confident of your own technology, you can consider replacing it with the third insurance."

Buying insurance can’t just look at premiums and expert advice to help you save money

Mr. Lin, who runs an auto repair shop in Melbourne, said in an interview with a reporter from the "New Immigration" newspaper: "Australia does not legally enforce insurance for car owners, and it is voluntary for car owners not to get insurance. The amount of insurance premiums and your car actually It has a lot to do with a good car. Of course it is expensive. In addition, it is also related to your driving age, gender, whether you have a bad record in the police station, etc. The insurance company will ask about these in detail when applying for insurance. Circumstances, and then calculate, each person’s premiums are different. Australia's premiums can also be paid in installments, but naturally you have to pay more. So it is recommended that you pay all at once and it will be cheaper. In Australia All insurance companies have a minimum amount of insurance, and if you apply for repairs this year, the money will be more expensive next year. Therefore, if the collision is not serious, many people may not go to the insurance company at all. Every insurance company will be insured People are divided into different risk levels (rating). At the beginning, they are all 6, which is the highest level and the highest premium. If there are no accidents in the first year, the rating and premiums will be slightly reduced in the second year. If there have been no accidents, the premium will be reduced year by year. If a sudden accident occurs in one year and the insurance company is required to make a claim, then your risk level and premiums will be greatly increased in the second year. Some insurance companies also offer discounts. If there is no accident, if you are promoted to a gold card customer, then even if you claim a claim for an accident, the premium will not be increased in the second year. There is another point that everyone should pay attention to. When buying car insurance, you must start from the first Counting from the beginning of the day, don’t be lucky to say that I’ll wait two weeks to get the insurance. Usually a newbie who has just bought a car is the most prone to accidents in the first two weeks. Insurance companies have a payment extension, which means you As long as you go to the insurance company, you don’t need to pay, as long as you submit all the car information, it will take effect immediately, and then you need to pay the full amount in the next month or so. Within this month, even if you haven’t Pay the money, but if an accident occurs, the insurance company will pay."
Mr. Lin said: "Generally speaking, insurance contracts are calculated on a monthly basis or yearly. Basically, it is more cost-effective to pay annually. Basically, the third party property insurance and the roadside assistance insurance -Classic) is the basic insurance for long-distance travel. The third liability insurance referred to here means that when an accident occurs, the insurance company will compensate the other party's vehicle for the loss. When the other party does not insure the third liability insurance and your car is damaged by the accident At the time, the insurance company will also compensate you at most 3000 Australian dollars (due to different insurance companies, may be different), and road assistance insurance is when you go out and the car is in a situation, you can call the insurance company for help, basically please insure the Classic level , Even the key is locked in the car, the insurance company will send someone to help you open the door, and the annual fee is not expensive, the roadside assistance (Roadside Assistance- Classic) is more than 1 yuan a year, and the third party property is just Looking at your age and basic information, the entire insurance process is over in about 20 minutes. RACV’s service attitude and rescue speed should be well-known in Australia. If you have already bought a car, you may wish to consider planning to buy insurance early. There are many things we can't predict in a different place, especially Holiday, even if your car breaks down in the city, you have to spend a lot of money to solve the problem in Australia, which is very expensive."

Ms. MARY, who came to Australia as a business investment immigrant for 3 years, told the reporter of "New Immigration" newspaper: "I think buying insurance is definitely not cheap. I bought a car before and chose RACV car insurance because it is theirs every day on the TV. Advertising, they mainly choose them because they have the best roadside assistance insurance in Victoria (Roadside Assistance- Classic). There are many RACE rescue vehicles patrolling the road every day. This insurance costs more than 6 Australian dollars a year, but it is true It was very helpful! Once I went to pick cherries in the mountains with my family, but I didn’t expect the car tires to leak. It was past XNUMX pm that day. I was really anxious. There was no one in the mountains. I immediately called RACV. , After half an hour, their rescue vehicle came, helped me change the spare tire, and then told me where I can go to repair the tire or change a new tire. It really helped me a lot. Buying insurance is just to be prepared. It’s not necessary, so I strongly recommend you to buy this."

Melbourne insurance salesperson Tian suggested: “There are many insurance companies in Australia. Consumers may be confused and don’t know which is better. There is a star rating system called CANSTAR CANNEX that can help you compare financial products based on their levels and functions. A standard system that is beneficial to consumers. In CANSTAR CANNEX's latest car insurance star rating, AAMI, Budget Direct and Commonwealth Bank continue to show their leading positions in the industry. In the past few years, Budget Direct has been consistently praised. All states have performed well, especially in the driver profile awards (the driver profile awards) almost completely won, in every eight drivers they received seven people support. Budget Direct is now the fastest growing in Victoria Insurance company. In Victoria, AAMI is particularly popular, not only won the National Award but also the Victorian Best Value Award, and Commonwealth Bank's auto insurance also received praise. In 2008, the Commonwealth Bank launched its own auto insurance product after a market survey, underwritten by Allianz Insurance. Although the insurance business of the Commonwealth Bank has not been launched for a long time, it can also be said to be a dark horse in the insurance industry. It has become more and more popular with everyone."

Tina said: “Because of the high cost of labor in Australia, many insurance companies encourage customers to buy insurance online. Some insurance companies can even offer discounts of tens of dollars. You can go to several different companies to make a QUOTA quotation. It's free. After you get the budget form, you have a serial code. If you pay within a specified time, say within a week, the insurance will take effect, so everyone can shop around in front of the computer without leaving home. Yes, many people only pay attention to the annual insurance premium, but ignore the Excess fee (deductible fee) and other additional costs. This is a misunderstanding of many people when buying insurance. In fact, the premium is only part of an insurance policy. When an accident occurs, you will find that there are many links that you have not paid attention to before may have a vital impact on the claim. For example, the amount of the "deductible" (as little as $500 to more than one thousand), and whether you can choose by yourself How long does it take to repair the depot and the claim process. Generally, large insurance companies such as AMMI and RACV have many designated repair locations in Victoria. You may choose the insurance of a cheap and small company, but find that you have to go to Far away, the gain is not worth the loss. Finally, in fact, Australian insurance companies attach great importance to customer loyalty. If you have already bought home and property insurance with a company, you will benefit from loyalty discounts when you continue to insure your car. , It will be much cheaper."