Starting at 9 o'clock this morning, a full-time armed patrol force composed of 150 capital patrol police armed patrol vehicles began to operate, marking the official start of the Beijing police’s full-time armed patrol work.

A reporter from the "Legal Evening News" learned from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau that the 150 full-time armed patrol vehicles are specifically used to deal with street violence and terrorist incidents. The bicycle patrol area does not exceed 3 kilometers, and the time to receive the police does not exceed 3 minutes.


Set up 150 full-time armed patrol vehicles

The reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau that the 150 full-time armed patrol vehicles, as the primary force in the capital’s streets to counter terrorism, maintain stability, prevent and control and combat serious violent crimes, made it clear that they would no longer be responsible for general public security disturbances, disputes, etc. The task of handling the police situation is mainly responsible for the pre-processing tasks of the police situation such as armed patrol deterrence, firearms and explosions, gathering of people and armed fights, mass violence incidents, violent terrorist incidents, etc.

The Capital Patrol Armed Patrol Car is a team with guns stationed on the streets of the capital for a long time. Each car is equipped according to the standard of 9 civilian police and 4 auxiliary police (at the same time, each car is not less than 2 civilian police and one auxiliary police). The patrol car directly accepts the direct command and mobilization of the two-level service command department of the city bureau and branch.

The relevant person in charge stated that the establishment of a full-time armed patrol team and the normalization of armed patrols and patrol preparations are for the Beijing police to build on the current severe and complex situation of anti-terrorism and terrorism prevention, and further enhance the deterrence, pertinence and effectiveness of street prevention and control. It is an important measure to quickly and effectively crack down on terrorist violent crimes, maximize the space for illegal and criminal activities, and continuously enhance the people’s sense of security and satisfaction.

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Hailong Building's full-time armed patrol car is "cool"

At 10 am, in front of Hailong Building in Haidian District, there was a busy flow of people. A patrol car with the words "Public Security" stopped in front of the building, and two policemen and an auxiliary police got out of the vehicle. The reporter saw a policeman holding a riot gun and a policeman holding a revolver. The policemen with guns are very eye-catching, and people stop to watch from time to time. Ms. Li from Shanxi quickly asked her friend to take a picture of herself and the police not far away.

According to Dai Yan, the political commissar of the Patrol Detachment of the Haidian Public Security Bureau, today is the first day of the patrol. “We are the first force to deal with emergencies.” The acting political commissar said that each vehicle runs in four shifts and three operations. 9 people, 2 police and 1 auxiliary police are responsible for each shift. The patrol range is 3 kilometers. If there is an emergency such as a knife fight, the patrol car will arrive at the scene within 3 minutes. Report the on-site situation to the bureau, and then cooperate with other departments to deal with it.

The acting political commissar gave an example to reporters that if there are many people fighting with knives, it is very dangerous because they have knives, and it is also easy to cause harm to the citizens passing by. Then we are the first to rush to the scene. We all carry guns. Can control the scene well. "To put it bluntly, we are fast."

In addition, the acting political commissar also stated that apart from participating in the professional training conducted by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Haidian Sub-bureau also regularly conducts training and assessment of the police.

Policemen carry 7 kilograms of equipment on patrol

Will the citizens be uncomfortable and worried when they see the policemen with looting? The reporter interviewed 10 citizens at random, "just get used to it" and "don't think there is anything to be afraid of." Police with live ammunition also attracted curious crowds. Citizen Mr. Wang said that the normalization of police patrols with guns will effectively crack down on illegal and criminal activities.

Carrying 7 kilograms of equipment to patrol, especially with guns, "Are you nervous? Are you worried about someone snatching a gun?" When asked by the reporter, the acting political commissar smiled and said that the reporter's worries were superfluous. Someone snatched the gun.” He said in advance that the Public Security Bureau had strict regulations and patrol regulations for guns.

"Reassure the good people and let the bad people be afraid." Acting political commissar said that guns for patrols are not new. For the police, it is not much different from the past, but from the feelings of the people, the sense of security will be greatly increased.

As for gun safety issues that the public is concerned about, the Acting Political Commissar said that the police will conduct gun use training every year. The training content includes gun disassembly, precision shooting, and precautions for the use of guns. The police perform their duties in strict accordance with the regulations, and citizens do not need to worry about safety issues.

Disposal of the police and the police time is no more than 3 minutes

This separate armed patrol patrol vehicle team is dedicated to solidify the police force on the streets to the greatest extent, and deter all kinds of violent and terrorist activities with the armed patrols of high-level police officers. In the event of an emergency, they will ensure that the emergency occurs Effective treatment at the first time.

Based on the comprehensive analysis of police big data such as the public security situation in each jurisdiction, the location of the flow of adults, the situation of crimes, etc., in accordance with the principle of full coverage of key streets, no more than 3 kilometers of bicycle patrols, and no more than 3 minutes to receive police Armed vehicles are deployed to achieve full-time, space, and full coverage of armed patrol and control.

Distribute car-by-car route and stop at crowded places

At the same time, the driving route, stopping points, stopping time, patrol frequency, etc. are also stipulated on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. The stopping points are selected at major intersections, crowded, and obvious locations in key areas. During the parking period, the police got off the vehicle and carried out patrols and interrogation inspections within the surrounding visible range, and drove to the scene quickly when ordered.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Public Security Bureau stated that the launching of full-time armed patrols by police officers is an important measure for Beijing police to strengthen social dynamic control and rapid response. It is to use the fastest arrival speed, the smallest isolation range, and the strongest means. Through garrisoning on the streets, optimizing the patrol prevention and control mode, further increasing the rate of seeing the police, the rate of management, the rate of seizures and the disposal rate, resolutely combat and deter all kinds of illegal crimes, and spare no effort to maintain the social security and stability of the capital.

The task is only to deal with terrorism and violence incidents and not to undertake general cases

According to the new security situation, these 150 full-time armed patrol vehicles will no longer be responsible for general public security disturbances, disputes and help and other police handling tasks. They are mainly responsible for armed patrol deterrence, firearms and explosions, gatherings and armed fights, and group sex. Violent incidents, violent terrorist incidents, and other early police handling tasks.

If citizens encounter situations such as traffic accidents on the street, can they ask for help from armed patrol vehicles? In response, the reporter interviewed an armed police officer on duty.

The police told reporters that because the members of the armed patrol team are fully armed police, it is impossible to directly carry the injured people into the car for treatment in order to ensure the safety of the people.

"This is not to say that the police do not help when seeing an emergency. It is just that our car is equipped with a large number of weapons and equipment. If we rashly let the people in the car, it will bring hidden dangers to the personal safety of more people." The police said .

The police told reporters that in the case of general emergency rescue incidents, the police will immediately coordinate with other nearby patrol vehicles to rush to the scene immediately. On the one hand, it can ensure the safety of the injured people, and on the other hand, it will not cause the hidden danger of losing control of the weapons in the vehicle. .

"More professional and more professional, this is the most important change. Full-time armed patrol vehicles will no longer perform some police requests for social help or disputes." The police told reporters that each patrol car will be equipped with 9 police officers and 4 police officers. Auxiliary police are divided into 4 classes, each with no less than 2 civilian police and 1 auxiliary police, so as to patrol uninterruptedly 24 hours a day.

Equipped with standard anti-riot guns for each vehicle, optional personnel need "special training"

"Each vehicle is equipped with anti-riot long guns, revolver short guns, anti-riot shields, batons, eight pieces of civilian police, fire extinguishers and medical kits, etc." The relevant person in charge of the police said that the full-time armed patrol team is for the original patrol. The escalation of the mechanism will promptly deal with incidents involving guns, explosions, gatherings and armed fights, group violence, and violent terrorist incidents in a fixed area.

Regarding the selection of personnel, a reporter from the "Legal Evening News" learned that since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has organized civilian police for special training and learning. The subjects mainly include the use of firearms and cooperation in anti-terrorism and riot prevention.

Text/Reporter Zhang Lei Hongxue

Photo/Reporter Chai Cheng