Milk powder is a problem that every family with a baby will pay attention to. Today, Xiaobang will do an in-depth inventory. In the future, who will ask Xiaobang what milk powder to give his children, Xiaobang will throw this post to him, Muhaha~! Whoever sees this post as an expert in milk powder, please keep it

I don’t know if you still remember the “World Milk Powder Map in Mother’s Eyes” that was popular on the Internet for a while

The picture above shows the basic impressions of netizens’ mothers of milk powder brands produced on all continents in the world. The logo for the European section is: the best milk powder in the world. Of course, this sentence is not absolutely correct, but it is enough to prove that netizens recognize the quality of European milk powder. In addition to Europe, Australia and the United States are also targeted by overseas scouring forces. The host has done a lot of homework on milk powder, let's take inventory, welcome to communicate~!


Europe can be said to be a gathering place for milk powder brands, with a large number and wide sales. The milk powder products there are mainly local brands (only for the local market), but most of them have already spread well, such as mainstream brands such as Meso, Nestle, Cow&Gate, and other brands that have not yet entered the Chinese market. Humana.


Speaking of France, Danone has to be mentioned,Danone is currently the world's largest producer of fresh dairy products and biscuits, Is also the largest baby food manufacturer in France. It has a large number of milk powder brands, almost including several milk powders that Chinese mothers are familiar with, and they are well-known.

Milupa, Aptamil, Nutricia (Nutrilon)

The reason why these three brands are put together is because there are historical problems between them.

The German milupa group used to be a purely German company. In 1968, it developed the first category with its own unique technology in genetic medicine.Breast milk protein milk powder loves his beauty,Created a glorious era in the history of formula milk powder. In the XNUMXs, it cooperated with the Dutch bullpen to launch the world's highest medical technology formula milk powder. The bear on the jar and the set of footprints can be regarded as the LOGO of this core technology.

In 2007, the French Danone Group acquired the Niulan parent company and Germany Milebao (Milebao, the parent company of Aitamei), the product line was integrated, and the core technology was applied to each brand in this series.However, in terms of milk source and formula, they are still different milk powders, and they have implemented different laws and regulations on formula milk powder in their respective countries.

To this day, Aitamei is the favorite of German hospitals. Generally, children born in Germany will drink Aitamei milk powder first for the first week when breast milk is insufficient. It represents human medicine in terms of milk powder. His highest technical achievement, his imitation of breast milk protein is so high that he can hide it from his children.

Aptamil loves his beauty

Aptamil is available in many European countries, but according to the different production places, it is divided into English version, German version and Australian version. The British milk source is Ireland, the German milk source is Germany, and the Australian milk source is New Zealand. Most of the Aptami products sold in small European countries are imported from Germany, such as Italy.

German Aitamei now has a new formula, which increases the iodine content. The Chinese salt contains iodine, which is indispensable for babies. The new formula also removes zinc and taurine. The British version of Aptamil contains maltodextrin, so it has good solubility. The German Aptamil does not contain maltodextrin, so the solubility is not good. After the milk is washed, there are small particles on the wall of the bottle, which is often called the phenomenon of wall hanging. This can also reflect that the Germans are more rigorous and do not need controversial things.

Nutricia (Nutrilon) bullpen

Common ones on the marketBritish bullpen, Dutch bullpen and Hong Kong bullpen. The Dutch cow pen milk powder and the British cow pen milk powder belong to the same company, and both belong to the Danone Group. It's like delicious or Fanta? ? It's all one company, and it's hard to adjust, depending on personal preference.

The British cowshed milk powder has a history of more than 300 years. The milk source is the world-famous island of Ireland. The Dutch cowshed milk powder has a history of more than 100 years and the milk source is the Netherlands. British cow pen milk powder is the only milk powder brand developed by British hospitals. It is a milk powder brand designated by the British Royal Family. For more than 300 years, there has never been any problem. Dutch cow pen milk powder is the leading milk powder brand in the Dutch market. 80% of babies grew up drinking Dutch cow pen milk powder. So what should I say? JustThe Dutch cowpen milk powder is the best local milk powder brand in the Netherlands, and the British cowpen milk powder is the most popular local milk powder brand in the UK.

Regarding the taste of the cow pen milk powder. Some mothers say that the milk powder in the UK cowshed is sweeter, and the milk powder in the Dutch cowshed is light. The host’s friend personally compared it. The two milk powders taste almost the same. They are both light, thin and whitish when prepared. The Dutch cowpen milk powder has crystalline particles.

By the way, let’s talk about the Hong Kong version of the cow pen milk powder. The number of segments of the Hong Kong version of the cow pen milk powder is different from that of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and the formula is also different. The milk source is New Zealand and the taste is sweeter.


GALLIA is an infant formula produced by the French Danone laboratory in France. Its formula and production process are regulated as medicines, and 100% produced in France. The ingredients are very close to breast milk, especially the CALISMA series.

The packaging inherits the consistent environmental protection concept of Danone's brands, which is exactly the same as the packaging design of Bullpen and Aitamei.They are all clamshell environmentally friendly paper packaging. Supply to the local French market, so it can definitely meet the effect of preservation, But mothers who buy through Haitao should pay attention to the fact that the can body is not strong against pressure, so please pay attention to check the tightness of the milk powder can. If there is a concave can, consider whether the milk powder has deteriorated.

In fact, according to the host’s understanding, when our Danone unifies the EU dairy industry, the ingredients of milk powder are the same. Shenma loves his beauty, Shenma Niulan... They are all Danone, but they are produced in different places, so their names It's just different. France Danone is the real producer of most of the imported milk powders that you are familiar with. It can be more popularly understood as,French Danone baby milk powder is called GALLIA in France, Aitamei in Germany, and Niulan in Holland. These brands uniformly use French Danone's carton-type environmentally friendly packaging.


The rigor of the Germans is world-renowned, and one cannot but admire. When it comes to children’s diet, Germany is not sloppy. Everyone knows that the highest quality inspection standard is the European standard. Germany happens to have the highest standard in the European standard. The metal content of German milk powder is 1.7 micrograms exceeding the standard, while the metal content of Chinese dairy products The over-standard is 0.4 mg, which is equivalent to 400 micrograms of metal to be considered over-standard. Compared with other Germans, it is really embarrassing. Because of safety and cheapness, more families prefer German milk powder. Among the Haitao army, the hottest German milk powder is Xibao, love his beauty, and a little low-key Teffen.


In terms of brand, Xibao is an old German brand. The variety is complete, from 3 different types of formula milk powder to different flavors of milk-containing and milk-free rice cereals, from baby food to baby utensils. In terms of nutrition, German HIPP is a pure natural organic milk powder, which is said to be natural and healthy without any artificially added flavors, colors and chemical nutrients.

Blue box packagingIt is the most commonly purchased baby pure natural biological milk powder series, which is highly safe and generally acceptable to Chinese babies;Powder box packagingIt is a series of baby biological raw milk powder, especially for babies with digestion and absorption problems. Its ingredients are specially processed into biological raw milk powder, especially containing lactic acid ingredients, plus probiotics, which can enhance immunity so that the baby will not have digestion Absorption problems, suitable for babies who are prone to diarrhea;Orange packagingIt is milk powder containing anti-allergic ingredients, which is especially suitable for babies with allergies. It has good absorbability and provides sufficient nutrition to babies. It is suitable for babies who are prone to eczema and milk moss.


The company that produces Teffen is one of the earliest companies engaged in the research and production of baby food in Germany, and one of the first companies in Europe to produce organic baby milk powder.

Teffen's original organic infant milk powder does not contain synthetic flavors, sucrose, and co-solvents. As an organic fresh milk raw material, in addition to being safe, free of pesticides and fertilizer residues, no antibiotics, hormones and genetically modified substances, it contains more omega 3 fatty acids, important unsaturated fatty acids, carotene and vitamin E, and others Amino acids are more nutritious. Research institutions in European and American countries also found thatChildren who consume organic milk have a greatly reduced chance of developing eczema. As early as 70 years ago, Teffen Company started adding active probiotics to baby food. Tefofen Organic Baby Milk Powder is addedActive Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium breve. In the experiment, even at 50°C, the number of active probiotic bacteria exceeded 50 billion per thousand milliliters of milk, which promoted the digestion of the baby and strengthened the resistance.


Speaking of Spain, what do you think of, bullfighting? Football? In fact, their local milk powder is also good! There are not many brands of milk powder in Spain, but each brand has many varieties and is divided into very fine points. The milk powder here is generally divided into four stages of growth: initial stage, second stage, growth stage (third stage), and special formula. At each stage, there are drinks for ordinary babies, allergic babies, help digestion, prevent vomiting... etc.


Blemil milk powder is only sold in local pharmacies and hospitals in Spain, and export is prohibited, so few mothers will know, and the purchasing situation is relatively deserted. Generally, a friend will only entrust purchasing in Spain. This brand of milk powder has a very good reputation. The biggest feature is that the taste is close to breast milk, which is easier for babies to accept.

For their Plus series, the segmentation situation is as follows: segment 1 (0-6 months), segment 2 (6-12 months), and segment 3 (over 12 months). The packaging specification is an alloy material tank of 800g. The Blemil Plus series formula emphasizes a comprehensive and balanced nutrition to meet the nutritional components needed for normal growth of infants and young children; focuses on improving the intestinal tract, and adds prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (FOS) to adjust the balance of intestinal flora and promote nutrient absorption, which is more suitable for the stomach Babies with poor intestinal digestion.


In Italy, infant formula milk powder also belongs to the scope of drug control, and safety supervision is strict. Mellin is a local milk powder brand in Italy, which is only sold locally and is not exported or purchased directly.


You may have discovered that the packaging design of Mellin formula milk powder is familiar? Yes, its logo design, cover and shape are very similar to those of the bullpen, and it is also a clamshell environmentally friendly carton packaging.

The formula of Mellin milk powder is well-regulated, which can provide the nutrients required for normal development of general infants and young children; it is specially added with relatively high content of prebiotics, focusing on improving the intestinal nutrition absorption of infants and young children. Since it is not promoted in the Chinese market, it can only be purchased through the form of purchasing agent. The price of online purchasing agent ranges from 200-240 yuan, which is not too expensive


Sweden is a country known for welfare, environmental protection, and high-tech innovation. Cows are healthy, milk source quality control is very good, milk powder production technology is sophisticated, has a long history, and drug-level supervision, so infant milk powder standards are much higher than EU standards.


This is a local infant food brand in Sweden, and its business scope includes formula milk powder and cereal milk powder. The brand was founded in 1938, so it has a certain advantage in the Swedish baby food market.

In addition to being sold locally in Sweden, Semper is also sold to Norway, Finland, Germany, Russia and other places. The age classification of ordinary formula milk powder is relatively fine, namely 1 (0-6 months), 2 (6-12 months), and 3 (over 9 months). The milk powder packaging is an environmentally friendly cube box with sharp edges and corners, which is convenient for storage and transportation. The general specification is 900g. The formula of milk powder focuses on nourishing intelligence and improving the intestinal tract, especially with unsaturated fatty acids and prebiotic GOS. This milk powder is not very well-known in China, but all the people who have used it are said to be good. Some people in China have specially tested the milk powder, and the semper milk powder ranks high.


The Dutch milk powder is mainly light, and the two best-selling milk powders, the local Meisu and the local cow pen, are famous for their light taste, pure milk powder, no maltodextrin, and close to breast milk. The bullpen has already been mentioned above, so let's talk about Meisu here.


Meso is a well-known Dutch milk powder brand, and it has reached Chinese mothers' ears as early as 1992. Whether it is a dairy farming or a milk powder production base, it has its own independent management model and operating system. From milk production to delivery, every link can be strictly controlled. Their cows must undergo a physical examination every three months! The biggest feature of this brand of milk powder is that the baby does not get angry after eating it.


Although some people complain that American milk powder is easy to get fat after eating, the quality of the milk powder is still just dropping. There will be no toxic milk powder, no milk source problem, and no random addition. Abbott and Mead Johnson are also well-known brands in China.

Domestic milk powder is usually divided into sections every 6 months, while the milk powder produced in the United States generally has only two sections, and the most Mead Johnson has only three sections. Generally 0-12 months are a period. For example, the US version of Mead Johnson above September is called the second stage, and the American version of Abbott 9-9 months is called the second stage. American children are full milk after 24 years old, no one drinks milk powder, so there is no milk powder products after the second period. However, Chinese mothers can choose to continue to drink two-stage American milk powder for their babies after the age of 2, and there is no problem at all.


The American version of Abbott has a light taste with only milk flavor. Both the Hong Kong version and the domestic version have a stronger vanilla flavor. The Hong Kong version is slightly sweeter than the US version. White sugar is an ingredient not contained in breast milk. It has no nutrition and can cause puffiness. The baby is not good. The American version of Abbott adds DHA and ARA without adding vanilla flavoring and white sugar, and the addition of many trace elements is more reasonable than the Hong Kong version and the domestic version, which is closer to breast milk. In addition, the Abbott produced in the United States is relatively humid, and the baby will not get angry after using it. Because of the advanced baking technology, the milk powder will not dry and not easy to get angry. Similarly, the Abbott produced in the United States is not easy to open, and it may hang after the preparation. Wall phenomenon.


Mead Johnson sells very well in the United States. The content of DHA is relatively high, which is good for babies. Because there is no flavor and sugar, the taste is a bit fishy, ​​and there is more foam after brewing.

(Fonterra's incident, Dumex, and Xiaobang will not write about it)

Australia New Zealand

Both of these countries are big ranches, but when it comes to famous milk powder brands, the only one that can be called is Kerakang, which had a Botox incident last year. Many mothers lost their milk powder because of that incident. Confidence, the domestic media rushed in at that time, but the batches in question had not been sold yet.


Kerikang is actually a New Zealand brand, but it sells very well in Australia. The difference in milk source Now the K sold in Australia is no longer the source of milk in New Zealand. This is introduced on K's official website. New Zealand’s milk source is better than Australia’s, because New Zealand is the only country in the world that has not had foot-and-mouth disease, mad cow disease, and other epidemics. All cattle and sheep are scattered to eat grass. This is also one of the reasons for New Zealand’s purchase restrictions. Failure to go up will not meet the needs of a large number of Chinese mothers. Their formulas are also different. K’s official website also has related introductions.The Australian version uses the German Aitamei formula

Finally, let me talk about transportation. On this point, the landlord has consulted a friend who does shipping and came to this conclusion: If it is Europe’s milk powder shipping, it is OK, if it is Australia and New Zealand milk powder, then shipping is definitely not possible, because these two countries are located Near the Antarctic, if you ship by sea, you have to go through the equator. The temperature of the container must be 60-70 degrees. If it is a deck cargo, the temperature must be above 50 degrees and below 100 degrees! Even if your milk powder is not The heat is bad, but the nutrients will definitely be lost. Therefore, when shopping for milk powder overseas, not only should pay attention to the milk source and formula, but also the mode of transportation.

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