As we all know, the welfare system in Australian society is very complete. More and more Chinese parents choose to have children in Australia. So what benefits can newborns enjoy? When the baby is born, the hospital will give you a set of application forms, with a signature from the hospital to prove the birth of the baby. The benefits involved in this set of forms are:

Maternity allowance:

A subsidy of $5000 applies to all families.

Family tax benefit part A:

对有孩子的家庭都有效。当家庭收入低于$40000时,可以拿到全额,此后随着收入的增加而递减(收入每增加$1,补助减少20 cents)。13岁以下的孩子:$140.84/2周;13-15岁的孩子:$179.76/2周;16-17岁的孩子:$45.36/2周;18-24岁的孩子:$61.04/2周。

Family tax benefit part B:

给只有单方收入来源的家庭。当另一方收入低于$4234/年时可以拿到全额,此后收入每增加$1,补助减少20 cents。5岁孩子:$120.96/2周;5 – 15岁孩子:$84.28/2周。

Child care benefit:


Maternity Immunisation Allowance:

Immunization fee, $227.90. A lump-sum payment after the child is 18 months old and completes all immunizations.

Parenting payment:

给有6岁以下儿童的低收入家庭的补助。申请要求必须是澳洲永居两年;家庭财产不超过$346000(无房户)或$229 000(有房户);本人收入不超过$726.34/2周,配偶收入不超过1360.00/2周,总收入不超过$1453.34/2周。Parenting payment为$379.80/2周,随着收入的增加而递减。

Health care card:

If you enjoy the full FTB A (Family tax benefit part), you will automatically get a Health carecard, and you can get a discount when you buy medicine.

Rent Assistance:

If you are renting a house and you are eligible for FTB (Familytax benefit part B), you can get rental subsidies.

The policy may change from time to time, please refer to the government website for details:

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