Australia is a legal country where there are many registered prostitutes and brothels. On these occasions, Chinese girls are a new force, and their arrival has a great impact on local prostitutes. However, how many unknown stories are behind them? Why did they go to sea? How is their life and work? The author got acquainted with such a girl, and here is an excerpt from our conversation to comfort everyone's curiosity!


BAXTER: Good AMY, where are you from?
AMY: I am from Shanghai and I grew up in Shanghai.
BAXTER: You look very young. It is estimated that your age is not very large. How old are you?
AMY: I am 26 years old this year, but I look very young. Are you from the South? I have good skin. . .
BAXTER: You came to Australia to study? What to learn?
AMY: I am studying for a master's degree in accounting at the University of Sydney. I want to immigrate so I chose this major.
BAXTER: You said you were a prostitute? Why are you going to sea? Is it purely for money?
AMY: I went to the sea for money, it was simply money. .
BAXTER: You can come to Australia to study. It is estimated that your family still has some financial ability. Why did you choose this path?
AMY: Yes. . My parents are both intellectuals and teach at a certain university. They didn't even know that I did this. If they knew it, they might have skinned me. I chose this route because I was addicted to gambling. It was gambling that hurt me.
BAXTER: Gambling? what is the problem?
AMY: When I first came to Australia, my life was very boring and there were not many friends. I went to STAR CITY with curiosity. I lost my life overnight. All tuition fees were given to the casino overnight.
BAXTER: So, you have no choice but to do this?
AMY: Yes, I just wanted to have a strip massage at first. I went to a massage parlor in the North District, just want to get a massage.
BAXTER: Then why did you become a prostitute? Sell ​​your body?
AMY: I met a Shanghai woman in that massage parlor and she took me to the sea.
BAXTER: Shanghainese? Why are you from Shanghai again?
AMY: Yes, there are many Shanghainese in this industry. There are many Shanghainese who run brothels and many Shanghainese who work as prostitutes. This is a fact.

BAXTER: Then can you tell us about your new career experience?
AMY: Good. In fact, I only had a boyfriend before, and I only had a simple understanding of sex. When I went to the interview for the first time, the boss asked me to watch it. I saw that Shanghai woman took off her clothes and gave customers a massage. For the first time, I understood what playing machine is. . . . . . . SY in Cantonese. Then, I started to pick up guests.
BAXTER: It seems that you were quite innocent at the time. . .
AMY: Yes, I was not used to taking off my clothes and being with a stranger when I first did it. Let him touch me casually. After all, I was still very simple.
BAXTER: Then why did you go to sea completely to be a prostitute? Isn't a strip massage very good?
AMY: For example, when you go to the casino, you just want to play a small one. When you enter the casino, that kind of mentality is beyond your control. Therefore, I later chose to go to sea completely. . . Because, I need money?
BAXTER: How did you feel when you had sex with a client for the first time?
AMY: When I picked up the first guest, when he entered my body, I cried in my heart. . . But on the surface, I have to pretend to be HIGH. . . . After he finished venting, I ran to the toilet. I cried, crying very sad. . . I'm going to collapse. Thinking about it now, that period was difficult. . . It is difficult to step out of this spiritual threshold.
BAXTER: Then you should be better now, right? Have you totally accepted it mentally?
AMY: Yes. I feel quite fun now.

BAXTER: Fun? What fun?
AMY: If I meet guests I like, I will really play with them. . . . There will be many orgasms.
BAXTER: You can say that there are countless delights. . .
AMY: Yes. . . I know men best.
BAXTER: Among the men you have met, what kind of guests do you think is best taken care of.
AMY: Normally fat customers are easily affected by me. It's hard for thin people. . Not easy to end. . . But I am young and it doesn't matter. If it is not very big, I can always HIGH. . .
BAXTER: Do you remember the guest who made you HIGH the most?
AMY: Of course, he is a Beijing boy. . . He has a girlfriend, and he comes out to play to find new things. He is really good at doing it, which makes me feel very HIGH. From different angles, different postures, flying up and down, swinging left and right. . . It's really good to find such a boyfriend. Compared with him, my former boyfriend would never do it.
I did it with him for an hour that time, and I went out 1 times. . . There is a feeling of collapse. . . The climax of a lifetime.

BAXTER: He spends money, are you looking for an orgasm? It seems this job is really good...
AMY: There are also bad customers. . . Some guests broke the cover deliberately. . . . It made me eat AFTER PILLS. . . It's expensive. . .
BAXTER: OK, OK, do you have a boyfriend?
AMY: Yes.
BAXTER: Huh? Does your boyfriend know you do this?
AMY: I know, but he doesn't care.
BAXTER: Huh? not give a damn about? He is from Shanghai?
AMY: Yes, he and I are hometowns. . . A little man. I raise him. Sometimes, after going to work, if you still want it, you can put him out. I need to say it quite strongly.
BAXTER: It seems appropriate for you to do this. It's strange why your boyfriend doesn't care? Can you explain something unimaginable?
AMY: Because, I earn a lot. He can earn more than 3000 Australian dollars a week, but he only earns 500, so I will solve most of the expenses. And, on the bed, he can't do without me.
BAXTER: Oh, this is understandable. . . According to legend, Guizi’s JJ is bigger than Chinese, isn’t it? Forgive me for asking such a blatant question. Because many Australian and Chinese students are interested.
AMY: Yes, obviously big. However, it is not as hard as the Chinese. Nigga? The size is similar to that of the Chinese, not as big as the legend. . . . Negroes in bed are the same as Chinese.
BAXTER: So who has a big and hard JJ?
AMY: Arab. . These guests are the most difficult to deal with. . . Don't want to spend money, and very capable. We are most afraid of this kind of guests.
BAXTER: Will it be HIGH when it's big?
AMY: No, I am so happy. . . What makes me HIGH the most is my compatriots. Because mushroom heads are more common among Chinese. . . It will be HIGH as soon as you put it in. . . There are not many other races of this treasure. . Our country has the most people. . .
BAXTER: Mushroom head? Is it the kind of mushroom?
AMY: Yes, it's hard to say. It is HIGH as soon as it is put in. . . You are not a woman, you don't understand.

329872-brothel (1)
BAXTER: What do you plan to do in the future?
AMY: It is difficult to wash your hands in a golden basin. This requires more courage than going to the sea. Because it is difficult to earn such income from other jobs. . . My boyfriend wants to open a brothel by himself. He will be the boss and I will pick up customers. . .
BAXTER: Your boyfriend really makes me incredible...
AMY: You can only give you reasonable money, so he can deliver your wife to your doorstep. My boyfriend did it. The last time I visited my door, he sent me to it. He waited outside for an hour. . . When I came out, I asked why my guests didn’t add the clock?
BAXTER: Watching your girlfriend be fucked by someone else's man, do you want to persuade that man to do more? It's really hard for him. . .
AMY: There is no way. . . It is difficult for people in industries like ours to find boyfriends. . . Fortunately, he doesn't care, he only cares about money.
BAXTER: Then you make love for a living, do you have a climax in your life? Asked something that shouldn't be asked.
AMY: Yes, my libido is very strong. . . My boyfriend can't satisfy me at all. Sometimes, when I finished work, I was caught by some guests and hurried home to find my boyfriend to solve it. . . Whether he is asleep or not, he can satisfy me. . . Shanghai men are quite considerate sometimes. . . Shanghai men are good.
BAXTER: I am very happy to talk to you. . .
AMY: Thank you. I hope you can become my customer and I will try my best to serve you. . . I can give you a discount. .
BAXTER: Forget it, I haven't had this money recently. . . However, I still advise you not to do it. . . A master accountant at the University of Sydney should have a good prospect. . . good luck!
Postscript, how many such girls are there in the vast crowd of Sydney. . . Hurry out of the campus, hurried into the brothel. Use their bodies to focus on their own future, and use their bodies to satisfy the flames of Australia's hungry men. . . There is a blue sky above everyone's head, and clouds floating for themselves are floating on every blue sky. A person’s lifestyle is one of his own choice. . . Here, we can only wish them good luck!

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