The representative of the San Francisco Chinese Association said that Becker's "apology" was unacceptable.

China News Service, July 7, according to the US "Sing Tao Daily" report, the US Fox Television (FOX) host Becker (Bob Beckel) used the discriminatory word "Chinaman" in the program on July 18 , Once again aroused dissatisfaction with the American Chinese community. The Chinese General Assembly Hall in San Francisco held a press conference on the 7th. The Director General and representatives of the halls successively condemned the incident and said they did not accept Becker's apology.

The overseas Chinese leaders who attended the press conference included: Huang Quanyun, Vice Chairman of Taishan Ningyang General Assembly Hall, Liu Ronghao, General Manager of China General Assembly Hall, Wu Yaoting, Chairman of Yanghe General Assembly Hall, Cai Wencan, Acting Director of China General Assembly Hall, Chen Zhenmin, Chairman of Gangzhou General Assembly Hall, and Gangzhou General Assembly Hall Vice Chairman Liu Zhiming and others.

Cai Wencan pointed out that Chinese in the United States have historically made great contributions to the prosperity of the United States. From the early years when Chinese workers came to the United States to build railways, to the Chinese joining the army in World War II, to the current U.S. counter-terrorism, and the war in Afghanistan, Chinese children can be seen. Becker's remarks are another provocation to the Chinese community since Jimmy Kimmel "killed all the Chinese" six months ago.