Recently, Japan’s right-wing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has arbitrarily lifted the ban on collective self-defense, which violates the Japanese Constitution, regardless of rising domestic and foreign opposition. This behavior has seriously affected peace and stability in Asia and the world. Since World War II, Japan has been recognized as one of the factors of global instability of force. Its belligerent behavior has left the entire Asia and even Europe and the United States in darkness.

The so-called right of collective self-defense refers to the right to use force to intervene and prevent when a country closely related to its own country is attacked by force by another country, regardless of whether it is attacked or not. In short, all members of an alliance provide mutual armed assistance when one member is attacked.

Because of Japan's fascist actions in World War II, the victorious country once banned Japan's right to collective self-defense. It only retained its national sovereignty and self-defense rights. When Japan was not attacked, it could not use any military force to participate in other wars. However, recently, because the US government changed its position and encouraged the Japanese government to lift the ban on collective self-defense on the grounds of safeguarding world peace and counter-terrorism, even if its own sovereignty or territory has not been infringed, it can use force, interfere, or even take the initiative. Attack other battlefields.

Australia is a victimized country in World War II. The appalling Darwin Harbor incident like the Pearl Harbor incident in the United States is generally reluctant to mention, and all the heinous crimes were done by Japan, which held high the banner of "anti-terrorism and peacekeeping" at this time. , And Japan denies its crimes and has no remorse.

Between the sensitive Sino-Japanese relationship and Japan’s own historical attitude towards the war of aggression and the comfort women incident, dozens of Chinese organizations in Perth expressed their great concern about the incident and determined to organize a large-scale anti-war during Abe’s visit to Perth. Parade assembly. Following the announcement of the parade, we not only received positive responses from the majority of Chinese people, but also a large number of Korean friends and peacekeepers of other nationalities expressed that they would participate in the anti-war demonstration.

Meeting address:The open space in front of the Japanese Consulate General in Perth
U22 / Level 2, 111 Colin Street West Perth WA 6005

Parade time:7月9日 10:00AM-12:30PM