Harvard University's latest definition of happiness

1. What is happiness?
The feeling of learning and growing every day is called happiness.

2. What is wisdom?
It is wisdom to master the law of the development of everything in the world.

3. What is human nature?
Talking makes people like it,
Doing things is moving,
Being a person is missed.

4. What do you give every day?
Give people hope,
Give people wisdom,
Give people happiness,
Give people confidence,

5. How to identify the circle you belong to?
High society
Middle-class society people are better than people
Lower society people step on people
Learn some everyday,
Understand some.
Then grow up every day!

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[What you must know]
1. The educational background is a bronze medal,
Ability is a silver medal,
Networking is a gold medal,
Thinking is the trump card.

2. Successful people do not win at the starting point.
But winning is at a turning point.

3. Don’t live in the mouth of others,
Don’t live in the eyes of others,
Instead, he holds his destiny in his own hands.

4. Cleverness is a tactic,
Great wisdom is strategy;
What Xiao clever saw was sesame,
What Great Wisdom sees is watermelon.

5. People who can tell their own story
He is a thoughtful person.

Can tell your own story
People who love to listen
He is an influential person.

Can help others
The person who tells his story
Is a valuable person.

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