The Australian government is known for its "corruption first". In the vast territory of Australia, even the smallest of corruption and bribery will be severely punished.

In court this Monday, former Australian Speaker Peter Slipper faced a five-year jail sentence and may be dismissed from receiving an annual membership pension of A$5. And his crime was actually abusing public funds of A$15!

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The picture above is the news released on the Daily Telegraph on July 7.

It is reported that Peter Slipper abused taxpayer subsidies when he was a federal member in 2010. He used to embezzle public funds to take a taxi while visiting a winery in the capital Canberra.


This misappropriation of expenses to satisfy personal tastes totals 954 Australian dollars, and the charge of abusing taxpayer subsidies is now convicted.

It has to be said that Australia's title of "Integrity First" is indeed well-deserved!

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